ON MY RADAR 10.27.23

This week was not without its hiccups, but overall it was a great week. Nothing better than good weather, a happy toddler, and a lot of fun fall activities to look forward to. We are hosting a little Halloween party on Saturday before our town’s costume parade and these are just the moments I absolutely live for as a mom! I’m excited to see all of my friends and get the kids together in their costumes. It will be so cute! (Also hallelujah our Saturday rain curse appears to be broken… finally! If only it can hold off raining on actual Halloween now 👻!)

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Striped Sweater iPhone Case

I currently have a cheap case on my phone from Amazon because I wanted to wait for some of the fun cases to come out before investing in one. Well, it’s happening! iPhone 15 cases are starting to roll out and I’m scoping things out. I got a targeted ad for this phone case and I’m obsessed! It looks like a striped sweater! I love!

TWO // Bow Earrings

These bow earrings are giving such a vintage vibe. Like don’t they look like something you’d stumble on at an estate sale? I also like that they are small but still pack a punch. A lot of statement earrings nowadays are bigger than I can practically wear on an everyday basis as a mom, so I’m loving the size too.

THREE // Riley Sheehey LIVE Ornament Painting Class

Riley is hosting a live ornament class on her Instagram in November! I’m excited to join in. I don’t have nearly the same level of skill that Riley has, but I think it’d be a fun activity to do this holiday season. She has a list of supplies on her website for the night as well as a suggested donation.

FOUR // Cornbread Chili Casserole

I’ve been trying to find great recipes to make at home and this one is going to be my next attempt. It looks so delicious and a really good “cozy” weeknight meal.

FIVE // Sezane Sweater Dress

Sweater dresses are going to be my best friend for getting dressed this fall/winter. I own a few and have been hunting for even more cute options. I just ordered this one from Sezane, which looks classic and simple and (hopefully) will stretch over my bump, too!

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Would you be willing to share what kinds of help you get? As a mom of a toddler (who isn’t also pregnant!) I’m kind of constantly blown away by influencer moms who are dressed cute and put together and throwing parties and making costumes.


As for the dressing cute, it’s part of my job so it pushes me to try (it’s helpful ha!). Jack goes to daycare 3 days a week and preschool for a few hours 2 days! Mike and I split the house stuff (he does most of our meal prep!) and we have cleaners/landscapers. As for the party… I’m outsourcing almost all the catering!


It’s so nice that you share all this. Really. We need to normalize these conversations. “I am able to achieve xyz because of ____.” Thanks Carly!


Hey there can you possibly share with me what color the paint is you used on your living room walls. I absolutely love it! We have been looking for a soft relaxing color for our bedroom. I just think it would be perfect!