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So many highlights from this week… starting with the fact that I took my first yoga class in forever. I stopped going when we got Hamilton, and then I just kept putting it off and off. Before I knew it, I was too afraid to get back going. The same fears I had when I was first getting started crept back in. I don’t love the studio I’m going to because they don’t offer as many classes and the times can be inconvenient but I love the classes I do take– the instructors are great. Needless to say, I’ve been ridiculously sore all week long!!!

I also had a brainstorming session with my friend Meghan because we’ve been toying around with an idea for a podcast. More on that later, but we’re feeling good about it so far.

Garrett (FINALLY!) had a day off, the kid’s been working around the clock, so we drove up to Rhode Island for a little apple picking with our friends. And I’m heading up to Vermont for a girls’ (and dogs’) weekend in Vermont and then I’m off to New Orleans on Monday. It’s going to be a busy and fun week for sure!

Apple Picking

Here’s what was on my radar for the week:

ONE // Snapchat Releases Hardware

Did you guys read that Snapchat changed their name to Snap Inc and now they’re branching out beyond the app?! They just released “Spectacles”– sunglasses with a tiny camera that connect to your phone via Bluetooth. I’m intrigued!!

TWO // Special Books for Special Kids

I have a confession: I stopped reading Humans of New York. It used to be my favorite, but I felt like it got really political all of a sudden. (Anyone else or just me!?) It wasn’t that I disagreed or agreed with the politics, but it just wasn’t what I wanted to see anymore. Now I’m totally in love with Special Books for Special Kids’ Facebook page. It’s uplifting and eye-opening and just sweet. The videos, which feature children and adults with special needs, make my day.

THREE // Grace Vanderwaal on Jimmy Fallon

I really can’t get enough of this girl. She’s such a natural on camera. But the real reason why I included this video of Grace Vanderwaal on Jimmy Fallon… well, just watch the part at 1:12 and be prepared to feel very old, hahaha!

FOUR // Sapphire Reserve Card

I use my credit card for everything because of the points. I pay off the balance in full every month, so it’s essentially a debit card, but the points seriously add up. I haven’t gotten too into the whole points thing, but there is a lot you can do if you commit. Right now I have the Chase Sapphire Preferred card (and love it!), but it could make more sense to upgrade despite the $450 annual fee just because of how much I travel!

FIVE // Advice on Starting a Successful Creative Career

Loved this blog post from Emily Henderson. It’s down to earth and to the point, while still being filled with great tips. I always find it inspiring to hear from people who have “made it.”

Anything good on your radar this week or fun weekend travel plans?

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Ashley Corcoran

I totally agree with what you said about Humans of New York! I loved the wide range of people he used to document, but now it seems as if HONY has become more political than anything else. Also, I’ve heard nothing but great things about the Sapphire Reserve so I think it’s time for you to make the switch! 😉


Omg I felt so old watching that clip of Grace. I assumed everyone knows every *NSYNC song. I’m so out of touch lol.


I actually love that HONY has become political — glad to see he’s using his humanizing platform to do some good and hopefully inspire more empathy in people. Our country could definitely use more compassion and understanding these days! Not everyone has the luxury of living a de-politicized life…too many people are subjected to imescapable cruelness and violence just because of how they look, where they come from, etc. Hopefully we can someday get to a place where people can all just live their lives and enjoy fashion and fun things (like we do), but we’ve still got a long way to go before that happens.


I totally agree. I think it’s an important reminder that the daily lives of others often look drastically different from our own.
That being said, I know that sometimes I stop reading the news for a few days at a time because it can become too much to handle. But, I pray that we never stop seeking to learn more and empathize more with world around us.


Do you have any recommendations for yoga studios on the UES? Also interested in what type of yoga you’ve done – I’m looking for a yoga class that leaves me feeling like I’ve worked out rather than simply relaxed and stretched. My goal would be to break a sweat… without going to hot yoga. 🙂


Hi Carly !
I’ve been following your blog for a while now, and I really love what you write (and your videos too ^^).
I’ve been doing yoga for a year now, and it has really helped me to relax, and to stop being anxious about this kind of questions ! I am just used to it now. And you Americans are really lucky with your studios of yoga ! Keep going to yoga classes, I am pretty sure that it will help you in the future 😉


Completely agree on HONY!! I had to unfollow it on Instagram because I just couldn’t take the constant political posts and ensuing comment wars. Such a bummer! I’ll check out Special Books for Special Kids!

Gabby Piloto

I was AT the Jimmy Fallon Show in NY when Grace was on and let me say, the whole audience (myself included) went nuts when she didn’t know Bye Bye Bye. I’m only 22 but I felt VERY old at the moment. SO funny though and seeing her perform live was the icing on the cake! xoxo Gabby


I absolutely LOVE Special Books by Special Kids! The videos are incredible and always remind me why I want to be a speech-language pathologist 🙂

Kayla |


I think that’s so interesting about snap chat i can’t wait to see where it goes!
Xo, Kelsey

Maria Fernanda

Getting back into the working out bandwagon is tough. I just started going to barre again.
A podcast would be so fun, can’t wait for details.
Also read Emily’s post and loved it.
Have a great weekend!


I totally agree with your comment about HONY! It’s so disappointing. Also, I love how you mention you use your credit card as a debit card, that’s exactly how I use mine. I pay it off every month. I think it’s safer to use online instead of the debit card. Maybe you could write a post about that? It’s not your typical thing but I feel like it would help a lot of girls who fear using a credit card. The points are just such a great benefit that it’s a shame people don’t look more into them. 🙂