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I had a quick trip down to Florida to shoot a campaign with my mom. It’s always a nice excuse to get down and I jumped at the opportunity. I really haven’t been away for too long since I also came down for my 10-year reunion in July.

Ashley Brooke

I’m wearing: Gal Meets Glam Dress // Similar Basket Bag // Shoes (c/o)

Last Friday, I went to the Kate Spade fashion show at the iconic New York Public Library. It’s the only thing I like to do during fashion week, and this show (Nicola Glass’ first) was absolutely amazing. They did a true runway (versus presentation) and honored the late Kate Spade with the most fitting tribute. Each seat had a card that said “She left a little sparkle everywhere she went” and the path that the models walked was covered in glitter. I thought it was so perfect and so “Kate Spade.”  My friend Ashley was in town for fashion week and we used it as an excuse for a fun girls’ day following the show.

Okay, here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Tuckernuck’s September Guide

Ugh, Tuckernuck nails it yet again. I am obsessed with all of their lifestyle guides, but I think this one is their very best. So much inspiration for future outfits. (I fully expect to copy them!)

TWO // Meditation in Schools

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see meditation practices being adopted in schools. Now that I meditate every day and have seen first hand how transformative it can be, I wish I had been doing it since I was a kid. This young man is only 25 and already giving back in such a huge way– I was greatly inspired by his story!

THREE // Cap-Toe Leather Block Heels

These look so cute! I’ve been sort of looking for something similar and I think I might give these a try– especially since they’re 30% off right now!

FOUR // Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

I bought this on a whim at Sephora and, wow, I get the hype. It’s really more of an intense lotion than a mask as you don’t rinse it off. You don’t even really see it in on your skin (like a typical mask), it’s just very glowy and dewy skin while it soaks in. I think the hint of mint makes it so great, I felt it working right away– and it smells amazing.

FIVE // Dog’s Ear Treatments

Saw this on Twitter and just about melted. One dog needs ear drops and the brother doesn’t realize he doesn’t need it… but the owner still “pretends.” It’s the sweetest thing ever. My mom and I watched it a few times in a row. What a good boy!

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Ugh, I wish I could live in a Tuckernuck campaign! They’re always so stunning.

Have a great weekend!

(PS, the rstyle.me links may not be working – or else it’s just me! – but they error out!)


I absolutely love the meditation video and the impact that this guy is having to all the students! We need a little more of this positive influence in our schools and community. 🙂

Paisleigh Telford

Ah I loved those cap toe heels as well but when I got them in they were SO SMALL. I also didn’t looove the color of the nude. It was a bit too pale for me, but that’s personal preference. I would size up if you pull the trigger 🙂 Have a great weekend!

Marcie Millholland

Umm in love with the rosy sweater in the apple picking shots from Tuckernuck. Love it all really. We need to do something for our school children who already express “feeling stressed” at an early age and the “fake” ear drops clip is precious. Made me smile – every time I watched it 🙂 Great posts!


Ha- I ordered the shoes 2 days ago- you seriously cannot beat the price. J. Crew is on point, as always.

Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Oh how wonderful that you get to do a campaign with your mom! // I think that meditation program is so amazing and is exactly what those underserved kids need. I’m always inspired when schools go above and beyond to help their students achieve not just academically, but also to grow and become better people, starting with taking care of their own mental and physical health. The first time I did yoga was as an elective in middle school! // Those heels are gorgeous! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s