ON MY RADAR 11.17.23

This week was a whirlwind! I’m feeling pretty content and grateful right now– my cup is full. We have zero (!!!!) weekend plans and I’m looking forward to a low key couple of days with Jack and Mike at home.

ONE // Help Me Pick a Dress for Thanksgiving

I need your help deciding what to wear for Thanksgiving… I have three options that I really love and they’re all equally comfortable. It may end up being a game time decision. I do want to try to get a family picture and I think all three dresses will work with what Jack and Mike are wearing, too. I have this cream sweater dress, a blackwatch nap dress, and then a navy sweater dress.

TWO // Riley Sheehey’s Ornament Painting Class

I was so bummed that I missed Riley’s ornament painting class. I was trying to make it but couldn’t get through the bedtime routine fast enough. I saved it to return to…. I think I’m going to “treat” myself to a painting night at home once I get through the big holiday rush.

THREE // Varley Pullover

Wow, I’ve gotten obsessed with Varley. I was fully influenced after seeing so many people wearing the brand online and I totally 100% get the hype!!! Everything is super comfortable. I got a few pieces to carry me through the rest of my pregnancy, but I really can’t wait to wear everything postpartum. (I imagine the fit will be even better!!) So far my favorite piece is this pullover– it hits at just the right spot and is perfectly slouchy. The mushroom color is also so chic and makes me feel like a dancer leaving a ballet class 🩰

FOUR // 40 Magical Holiday and Christmas Activities to Do in NYC

No traveling this holiday season for me as we go into the final stretch of my pregnancy. I want to try to get into the city at least a few times, just for fun, no work obligations. I’d love to go in with a girlfriend or two, have a date night with Mike, and then bring Jack in for an age-appropriate activity. Maybe some solo-shopping, too?! I will be referring to this list!

FIVE // Hill House 30% Off Sale

Hill House is having a huge 30% off sale! If you’ve been eyeing something, now is a great time to place your order. They have something for really any occasion this holiday season– and could be a good destination for holiday gifts, too.

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All three dresses I like and couldn’t go wrong. I do favor t he black watch Napa dress. So fall and nothing like a plaid in the fall… looks comfortable. You will look amazing in which ever you choose.


I love the long sleeve nap dress and feel like that’s still a unique cut of it you don’t see often. And so comfy for thanksgiving!


I vote for the cream sweater dress or the navy sweater dress! I always worry about overheating on Thanksgiving though, especially with a bigger group, a hot oven, and running around.


I think the navy sweater dress with brown boots and a plaid shawl would be darling! Very classic and warm!


Another vote for the navy sweater dress! Looks so classic and comfy! Happy thanksgiving!


Navy sweater dress for the win! It looks so beautiful on you. Perfect for a family picture on Thanksgiving 🙂

My sister in law bought me two pairs of Varley leggings and I’m totally obsessed. They are my favorite to wear. So soft and comfortable!


The nap dress for Thanksgiving! All three are beautiful, but that looks the comfiest and like it could stand up to any toddler meal stains haha.


I think the navy nap dress would be great for Thanksgiving; especially to be comfy after a nice big meal!