ON MY RADAR 11.25.23

A day late with this as I rounded up the best of the Black Friday sales yesterday! I wanted to share some of the links I found online this week though. Can’t skip an “on my radar” post 😜

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Tuckernuck’s Holiday Collection

One benefit of an early Thanksgiving is having some extra time to get your holiday outfits in order. Anyone else’s social calendar filling up quickly? Check out Tuckernuck’s holiday lifestyle guide that accompanies their newest collection. They nailed the imagery (and products) and it’s making me want to go on a serious shopping spree. (Which, now is the time during their big Cyber Week sale!) Get 20% off sitewide, plus additional savings the more you spend. If you need a good place to start, might I recommend this incredible blackwatch cape? It’s giving Samantha Parkington.

TWO // How Central Park Was Created by Design

I absolutely loved this walk through video of how Central Park came to be. I knew a bit of the background from a book I read a while ago, so this refreshed my memory and shed even more light on the design and thoughtfulness behind Central Park. It’s brilliant!!

THREE // Dolls of Our Lives

I must be living under a rock because I completely missed this new book by the voices behind one of the best podcasts “Dolls of Our Lives” (formally known as “American Girls Podcast”). I will definitely be downloading this book to my Kindle to read. The book explores how the brand American Girl came to be and why it was so important to so many girls growing up.

FOUR // DIY Salt Dough Santa Ornaments

This DIY for salt dough Santa ornaments looks like the perfect little “art” project to tackle once work slows down. I was thinking about trying to make some of these with Jack’s handprints. I have seen a bunch of salt dough videos and these Santas are just absolutely darling.

FIVE // For Your Party

Guys… if you’re looking for custom items (think: matchbook, napkins, cups…), you have to check out For Your Party. I may or may not be plotting some holiday gifts via this website and I’m already obsessed. I made some fun designs on Canva and played around to create actual perfect customized gifts that I am SO EXCITED for. 10/10. (Lots of inspiration on their Pinterest, too.) There’s a big 20% off Black Friday sale happening too, which I took full advantage of!

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Thanks for sharing! Can you share your favorite places to get photos printed these days? Grandparent gifts 🙂 Thank you!


My mom did a version of salt dough ornaments when my brother and I were about 4 and 2 (early ’90s!) and they are some of my favorite holiday ornaments now! It’s so fun to pull them out and know exactly which one of us painted which one <3