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I spent the first half of the week up in the Catskills with my friend Meghan– I have a full blog post about our trip coming up so stay tuned for that.

Otherwise, I’ve been working and trying to prepare for my trip to Paris. I’m usually a big planner and have everything for the trip laid out… and we have nothing planned. On one hand, it feels slightly nice to just go over and see where the trip takes us. (It definitely helps that I’ve been before and did a lot of the “big” tourist stops.) And on the other hand, it doesn’t totally feel real yet. But! Depending on when you’re reading this, I’m either somewhere above the Atlantic or exploring Paris!

I’m mostly going as a normal traveler (i.e. not a blogger), so I’m not sure how much social updating I’ll be doing, but I’ll probably have a few stories and iPhone pics up at the very least!

West Village

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Salt Fat Acid Heat

We only just started this Netflix show… but it’s SO GOOD. I couldn’t wait to recommend it to you guys. Samin Nosrat is an absolute doll and gem and her personality shines through the screen! She is a skilled chef and writer, but I think she was made to be on TV! Throughout the series, she walks you through the different elements of good cooking (i.e. salt, fat, acid, and heat). It’s a little bit like a more-relatable-Chef’s-Table. (I love Chef’s Table but sometimes all the slow-mo starts to drive me crazy…) I wouldn’t recommend watching this while hungry because the food all looks amazing– homemade pesto, pasta by hand, all the cheese.

TWO // Pre-Order the Nordic Boots

This is the third year J. Crew has brought back these Nordic Boots, so you know they’re well-loved and popular. I scored a pair of the boots and not only are they adorable (swap in the red laces for a hiking-chic look haha), they’re also so warm and comfortable! They WILL sell out, so I highly recommend pre-ordering.

THREE // Plaid D’Orsay Flats

Whoops, apparently I’m on a shoe kick right now! Factory just brought back the cutest plaid D’Orsay flats! They couldn’t be cuter… and they have a black + glitter version too. (PS 30% off orders of $100 or more right now.)

FOUR // Influence the Election

I’m loving this campaign that Fohr started. One of the best ways to increase voter turnout is to talk about all the people who are voting. (Side note: did anyone read the book Nudge– it’s fascinating.) I’m voting– and you should too! No matter how big your social following is, you can pledge to encourage your followers to vote too. As I’m writing this, 53 million people have been reached by the campaign so far.

FIVE // Miley Cyrus Sings “When I Look At You” at Best Friend’s Wedding

Can you imagine attending a wedding where Miley Cyrus basically does a private concert? I’m a pretty big Miley fan– I think she’s so, so talented. “When I Look At You” is one of my favorite songs of hers and her live performance of it is incredible. Not going to lie… I was tearing up watching/listening to this video!

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I am obsessed with cooking and baking shows and was desperate for something new. Thank you for recommending Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat! Samin is amazing to watch and her laugh is contagious all while showing off some amazing food!