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I’m going to do a separate post for Black Friday. Although, don’t you feel like all the sales have kind of already started? It’s now called “Cyber Week,” apparently. Crazy! I will say though that I think this year the sales are better than ever, but I didn’t want to skip over my “On My Radar” post!

I’ll be doing a better recap of my time in Tampa… but yesterday we had such a great Thanksgiving as a family. We usually have friends over and a few family members, but this year it was just the four of us! While it was a little weird not to have guests over, it was kind of nice not to have to stress about timing of dinner or fussing over cleaning the house perfectly.

The day started off with the 5k race down Bayshore. This was my second time running it and my third 5k. I technically PRed, which was easy to do considering I’ve only run three races total, haha. I don’t love running, but it’s such a fun experience and nice to get moving early in the morning before eating great food!

Tampa 5k

Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // Gal Meets Glam on Film

I loved these shots that Thomas took with film cameras during our shoot. They came out great and I think capture the mood and spirit even better than the digital photos. I want to print some of these for my house– they’re just beautiful and special! Makes me want to get a film camera!!

TWO // Bauble Bar Earrings

Okay, so I can’t get enough of these “ugly” earrings. If you have an ugly Christmas sweater party to go to… or, I don’t know, if you just have a really, really fun attitude about Christmas, you have to get these earrings! The Santas couldn’t be cuter! (I can totally see some teachers wearing these to school as a way to be festive for the kids!) They’re also 30% off today.

THREE // Meet the Cast | Rent Live

Rent is, no questions asked, my favorite Broadway musical. My sister and I grew up listening to the soundtrack, which I’m not sure is a good thing, but we love it nonetheless. We can do all the lines and know every word… and, of course, we love the movie too. I’m SO excited that they’re doing it live in January on FOX. They announced the cast and, well, I just can’t wait.

FOUR // Howie Guja Photography

My friend Howie is an incredible photographer– seriously, check out his Instagram. The shots he gets BLOW MY MIND… and he totally makes me want to move out to Long Island because he makes it look so good. He has a print shop for framed photographs of his and I definitely have a wishlist going now… the Nantucket shots are great!!

FIVE // Velvet Bow Shoulder Dress

This. Dress. Ugh, I love it. The velvet and the silhouette and, of course, the bows on the shoulders. 

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YES YES YES to Rent Live. I got to see it at the Hollywood Bowl a few years ago, and Vanessa Hudgens was Mimi, actually. The cast looks amazing and I cannot wait!

Southern & Style

Can’t wait for RENT on Fox! We were somehow? able to watch it in my 10th grade theater class and I loved it and it’s been a favorite ever since “Hey mister, she’s my sister-we’re close”-haha!

xoxo, SS

Southern and Style


I just bought that black velvet dress this weekend!!! Can’t wait for it to arrive and hopefully fit… Also I totally grew up listening to Rent too!! Questionable content for an obsessed teenager, but nevertheless I love it and will have to look that cast up pronto!