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I love that New Year’s Day fell on a Tuesday this year. It made this week go by much more smoothly since it was so short as a result… and I was incredibly productive, which always feels good. I had a running list of things that I had to do this week and I made it through everything. Taking a full break is so necessary, especially after a hectic fourth quarter, and I feel like you’ve done the break right when you come back after feeling ready to work.

I flew back from Florida early Saturday and We rang in 2019 with Catan and pizza at our friends’ condo. It was low key and wonderful. My friend and I went for jeans and sweatshirts for ultimate coziness.

New Year

The Ruthie (c/o)

Here’s what was on my radar this week (and, frankly, the past couple of weeks as I took my extended leave):

ONE // Sézane

Sézane has been on my radar for a while, but I am now officially obsessed. I went to the store while I was in Paris the first time, but was overwhelmed by the crowd and couldn’t quite see everything. The brand sent me a few of their items and I am so impressed with the fit and style. I even signed up for their retail emails (which I never do for stores) because I want to make sure I know when new arrivals hit. I found that everything fit very true to size and fit very nicely as well. Perfect length on everything, not too slim and not too boxy. This was definitely my favorite shirt and I’ve worn it once a week since getting it!

TWO // Lizzie McGuire Revival???

It’s not that they confirmed anything, but Hilary Duff mentioned that they talked about doing a revival and I REALLY HOPE THEY DO. Lizzie McGuire was the best show (and original Bitmoji) and I’d love to see what Lizzie is up to in 2019 😉(PS I do love Hilary in Younger if you haven’t watched that yet!)

THREE // 100 Dress in 1 Year

I’m friends with Hannah on Facebook because she’s a blog reader… and I’ve been following her sewing journey for a while now. I’ve always been impressed, but I have to say that her skills are really amazing right now. She just started a new project where she’s designing and making 100 different dresses this year. Her first dress is gorgeous and is clearly setting the bar pretty high from the start. Can’t wait to see the rest!

FOUR // Something Navy Interview

This was such an interesting– and impressive– interview with Arielle Charnas, the blogger behind Something Navy. I think she is the North Star right now in the “influencer world” right now. Absolutely killing it on all fronts and her line at Nordstrom is selling like wildfire– the Nordstrom website keeps crashing whenever they launch a new collection.

FIVE // Lilly Pulitzer’s January After Party Sale

This is Lilly’s second biggest sale of the year, and it starts on THIS MONDAY. Historically, the end of summer sale is the best, but I still think this one is worth checking out. I got a sneak peek of what’s being offered and there are some great, timeless styles that you won’t regret buying and tucking away for the winter. (Or if you’re going on a tropical vacation, this could be a good time to stock up anyway.) It starts online on Monday, January 7th at 8 am (ish) EST and ends at 11:59 pm EST on Tuesday, January 8th. Here’s where you can find all the answers to your questions!

A couple of notes: the app will be turned off during the sale so everyone will shop via the website or in store and there will be a second product drop probably midway through the sale.

Two things I spotted in the preview that I’m most excited for? Lilly S’Well Bottles (🎉) and cashmere wrap cardigans.

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Carly, I love that GMG dress on you! The color is so perfect.
Also, after seeing your posts- I think I need to get Catan and give it a try… It seems fun!