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I spent a good amount of the weekend relaxing and recuperating from traveling (and eating so much) the week before. It was rainy, which set the mood for a cozy weekend. Nothing too much to report, except that I’ve been stepping up my yoga game. I went four days in a row and felt like I’m slowly but surely getting my flexibility and strength back. Aka walking up stairs right now is a challenge.


Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // New Balance x J. Crew

WOW! What a collaboration. It’s perfect. I love how the collection is sporty and strong but still has that J. Crew touch. Bravo J. Crew and New Balance!!!

TWO // Mini Chip and Jo

My favorite tv couple (Chip and Jo, of course) in miniature form!!! I can’t handle it; cuteness overload. Also, have you guys noticed that Chip and Joanna are building out their brand in so many directions?! This week alone I saw announcements for a children’s clothing line and a new magazine! Killing the game!!

THREE // Generation Adderall

I can only speak from my experience at Georgetown, but Adderall seemed to be a huge problem there. It drove me crazy because I felt like people who were taking it (without a legitimate prescription) had an unfair advantage. And it was thrown around so casually like it wasn’t a big deal. (I also have friends who experienced more problems with Adderall, among other “performance” drugs, in their career, too.) I found this article to show a realistic, and scary, portrayal of Adderall when it goes too far.

FOUR // Roald Dahl x Boden Collection

This collaboration simultaneously makes me wish I had a kid or was a kid myself. What amazing portrayals of some of my favorite childhood books and characters in clothes. I’ve sent it to a few of my friends with children already, haha!

FIVE // Scalloped Mary-Jane Heels

These heels are gorgeous. They come in three colors and are pretty reasonably priced. Plus the scalloped details are everything. I can’t pick a favorite, but love that they could work for weekend wear and an office-appropriate work.

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OMG! The Mini Chip and Jo was so cute! I actually just recently got into their show. They really are the cutest couple! I wanted to ask you, do you know of any good pumpkin/apple picking farms on Long Island? I can’t seem to find one.


Oh my goodness! That collection makes me wish I had kids, the fox overalls are just too cute! Love the scalloped heels also, stunning!


Carly, I couldn’t stop reading the Generation Adderall article. I also remember the very casual use of Adderall at the college I attended, so glad I never participated! Thank you for always having such a nice mix of topics on your radar!


Amanda VanInwegen

Thank you so much for linking the “Generation Adderall” article! I am a pharmacy student and one of our school’s organizations just started a new initiative called Generation Rx to combat this exact problem. It is an educational program that increases public awareness of prescription medication abuse. It really is a huge problem right now that too many college students take too casually. I knew so many people in college that took it without realizing the dangerous effects it can have and I hope that bringing awareness to the issue will help change the culture!


I always love your “On My Radar” posts! Love the mini Chip and Jo! They just seem like they are the sweetest couple ever! Also, I appreciate you talking about the Adderall article…it is such a real issue!
xo Lauren


Hi! I was just wondering about the Mary Jane Heels. Do they run true to size or should I go up or down a size? They are so cute!!