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Helllllllllo from Jackson Hole, Wyoming! This is my first time here and I’ve been really looking forward to the trip. I think we’re getting pretty lucky snow wise so it should be a fun few days of skiing. I’ve heard the mountain is pretty difficult here so I’m hoping to take at least one lesson. Hoping for a successful trip since this is my only time skiing this year… not sure how that happened.

Chanel Lookalikes

Sharing these shoes again real quick because they’re part of Shopbop’s sale. 15% off orders of $200+, 20% off orders of $500+, 25% off orders of $800+.

ONE // Dove 0% Aluminum

Dove just launched a new deodorant with 0% aluminum. It’s not a totally natural deodorant from what I can tell looking at the ingredient list. (I’m not 100% sure as I’m not the most label literate, so I’ll let you do your own research there!) BUT, it doesn’t have aluminum making it a deodorant, not an antiperspirant. If you’ve been wanting to ditch the aluminum– this could be the perfect stepping stone. I love that mainstream brands are clearly listening to consumers, or at the very least following consumer trends and don’t want to miss out on $$$. When their kind of R&D is matched with health and environmental trends, I hope we all win in the end.

TWO // Ann Taylor Shoes

Ann Taylor is killing it in the shoe department right now. Two pairs in particular are speaking to me. These block-heeled bows and these bow slingback flats. I mean… cute, right?

THREE // How One Woman Spends her $110,000 Salary

Glamour has this series on Youtube where people share their itemized budget for the month. I find it so fascinating. I thought this one was particularly interesting and the interviewee has a great mindset about saving and spending.

FOUR // Striped Shirtdress

Love, love, loving this striped shirtdress from Draper James. I think the brand is really starting to hit its stride. Price points have been revised and style refined. Can’t wait to see what else they come up with this year.

FIVE // Cast-Iron Skillet Pizza

Why have I never considered making a pizza in a cast-iron skillet? First of all, if you’re not subscribed to Bon Appetit’s Youtube channel you should right away. It’s the perfect balance of informative and entertaining. I always learn something new about cooking or baking when I watch one of the videos. (Warning: don’t watch if you’re hungry! I did and then I was craving pizza for the entire day.)

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Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

The Ann Taylor shoes you picked out aren’t my personal style but tHEY’RE SO PRETTY. Love! // Urghh that pizza looks so good. I’ve been trying to keep a low budget, and what I’ve been paying most attention to is not eating out. Which means I haven’t been eating much pizza because it’s not the first thing I think of when making a meal at home, though I love ordering Dominos hehe. Well anyway, now I’m craving pizza 😮 // Have a great time skiing! Might as well make the most of winter since it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon haha -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


Just made cast-iron skillet pizza last night – it’s a favorite in our house! It is super simple if you grab a ball of pre-made dough from the grocery store, and we loaded ours with sautéed spinach, mushrooms, and peppers to make it a bit healthier.


I’ve switched to Tom’s deodorant and toothpaste after reading one of your posts. Tom’s now has a ‘natural powder’ antiperspirant in a solid stick. Not aluminum free, but sustainably sourced aluminum.


Draper James is my go-to for dresses now. I wore two of their dresses for wedding events last year — one for my engagement photos and another for my bachelorette party.

I love having adorable clothing in my closet that I can wear to major events but also style down for everyday.


If you like peeking into others’ financial habits, check out Money Diaries on Refinery29. Women track their spending for a week and submit a write-up — really interesting stuff!


I love Money Diaries! They’re so fascinating to read and I love seeing how different people prioritize things.

Lexi Conger

I love Draper and James, especially lately. I have a few of their dresses from the last few collections that are my good luck dresses for big meetings, interviews, or even as a conference presenter! Great post!!


I have had my eye on the same things!! I am in love with that Draper James dress!! So simple and classic, and you can tie the waist sash in a bow! I’m sold! Also love watching the Bon Appetit youtube channel! I always feel so inspired to cook afterwards! Have a great rest of your trip!

xx Libby