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Despite the cold and rain we’re still experiencing, I’ve been getting pretty excited for all things summer. Thankfully (hopefully!) things are finally starting to settle down here and I’m able to get my head above the water. The next two weeks are gearing up to be a little crazy, but the best kind of crazy! We’re going to Paris for a long weekend and then my mom is coming up to visit and help me out with some things. And then it’ll be June and nearly every weekend is already booked with vacations and trips down the shore.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Trying to stay ~in the moment~. (Easier said than done!)


I’ve been eating so many blueberries lately. They’re extra great right now! And because I get this question a lot, unfortunately, that quilt is old. I bought it years ago on Rue La La and there’s no tag so I don’t even know the brand! Similar options though: Serena & Lily and Roller Rabbit.

Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // American Girls Podcast

I swear, my most engaged content on Instagram is ALWAYS about American Girls. And this is why I love you guys so much. I have such fond memories of my American Girl doll (Samantha!) and I can’t wait to “pass down” mine to the next generation– hopefully, my own future kid(s). My friend Riley posted on Instagram about a podcast about American Girls. I listened to one episode while working out and I am hooked. Allison & Mary– the podcasters and legitimate historians– do a deep dive on each book from a modern day (and adult) perspective and then tie in popular culture too. PS Check out Riley’s AG Doll illustration– it’s perfection.

TWO // Mini Pouch and Hair Set

Warning: this is pretty expensive for what it is. But, gosh, do I love it. It’s a little monogrammed accessory pouch filled with trendy barrettes and monogrammed hair ribbons.

THREE // French Door Refrigerator 

I have no need for a new fridge, but sheesh, if you are you should get this one. It’s so pretty. I have no idea why I got a Facebook ad for it, but I did and I clicked on it and now this little refrigerator is following me around the internet.

FOUR // Gingham Bow Heels

Yesterday’s post was all about raffia shoes and one of the styles actually came in a gingham print too. Bows and gingham on a pair of heels? I mean…

FIVE // Women Cross Marathon’s Finish Line Together

This video was so inspiring to me. Two women were running the Pittsburgh Marathon and each almost gave up about halfway through. They befriended each other on the course and made a pact to finish it together– which they did, hand in hand. I love it.

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I had Samantha as well and LOVED passing her down to my daughter when she turned 5. The AG salon at our local store did a great job sprucing her up after many years in a box 🙂

Elspeth Mizner

Sounds like your busy season is picking up. Love the American girl podcast. I hope everything goes well with your busy weeks ahead. Happy Spring!


Just a heads up – your gingham now sandals are linked to an Instagram post about American girl dolls. So curious to see the sandals!