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Hello from Nantucket!!! Ashley and I have been here for a few days with The Wauwinet to stay in their Anchorage House cottage which is currently decked out with Serena and Lily furniture! If you remember, last year we attempted a girls’ trip on Nantucket but Ashley received the most devastating news right before our suitcases were even in our room. It’s been a long year, but with the happiest kind of ending. Ash was, understandably, not that keen on returning to the island (ever) but this trip lined up so perfectly that we felt like it was a sign to try again. And it’s been so, so amazing.

(Oh and PS I’m going to be doing a meet and greet at the Lilly Pulitzer store in Avalon, NJ from 1-2pm tomorrow– 6/15!)

Club Monaco Dress

A sneak peek! I had to share this dress because it’s currently sale on sale– making it almost half off. And my sandals are uber comfortable.

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Colleen Ballinger on Broadway

Do you guys follow Colleen Ballinger on Youtube? I’ve been following her for years. I feel like even though she’s already so successful, she’s been really hitting her stride this year. (Motherhood looks good on her!) I was so, so excited to see that she’s going to be on BROADWAY! She’s doing a limited run as Dawn in Waitress, which I just saw for the first time a few months ago. What a dream come true for her!!

TWO // Business for Pleasure for One Kings Lane

Hello beach house perfection!!! Business & Pleasure has been popping up every on my radar lately. They make super fancy and functional beach accessories like folding chairs and umbrellas. They designed an exclusive collection for One Kings Lane and it’s kind of everything. Light blue and white chinoiserie printed chairs, umbrellas, and tents? YES, PLEASE.

THREE // Pentatonix Sings “Waving Through a Window”

I’m still just as obsessed with Dear Evan Hanson as the day I saw it. It’s one of the most incredible Broadway shows I’ve ever seen and the music gets me in the feels every time. Pentatonix performed an unbelievably gorgeous cover of “Waving Through the Window.” I totally teared up!

FOUR // Bombas Socks

Ugh, after getting Bombas ads for months on my Facebook feed, I finally bit the bullet and bought some. Now,  they’re expensive. And I wanted to hate them because they were expensive. They are the BEST no-show socks I’ve ever tried. I have a few from J. Crew that I really like and would say they’re 90% there. But these are 100% keepers. They stay up on my heel all. day. long. And they don’t dig into my heel either. Consider me sold.

FIVE // Otter Aerobics

Otters are some of the cutest looking animals to me. They move in the funniest ways and just seem overall adorable, you know? (My little Hamilton reminds me of a otter sometimes because he’s so limber.) This video of an otter rolling around and doing “crunches” made me smile so much. I watched it on repeat for far too long!! Too cute.

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I love that Bombas socks are one pair purchased one pair donated! It’s a company I’ve always been behind! And the socks, so good!

Carolyn V

OMG!! I can’t believe you watch Colleen! I have been following both of you for years and I love it when worlds collide!

Carolyn V

OMG!! I can’t believe you watch Colleen!
I have been following both of you for years and I love it when worlds collide!