On My Radar

I spent half the week doing the usual, in addition to some house tasks. We’re working right now with paper shades because I haven’t wanted to rush into blinds/curtains without knowing the direction for each room. They do a lot for privacy and not a lot for keeping light out. One positive though is that we are (quite literally) up at dawn. I’ve been enjoying the early mornings and I get so. much. done. before 9 am.

Mike and I get back from the shore tomorrow and I’ll finish packing and load the car up… and then the dogs and I are headed up to Nantucket on Sunday!! I rented the same house as last year and I think I’m going to take an outdoor shower first thing. Meghan and Mike’s sisters (and newborn niece!) are coming, so it should be a super fun group! (Meghan and I have been planning an Ina Garten night for a year…. strawberry shortcake, here we come.)

And here’s what has been on my radar:


ONE // It’s Emme’s Party

I finally went to a concert last fall and while I enjoyed it, I haven’t been that inclined to go to another. (Sue me, but I just don’t enjoy them 😂) However….. after watching this video of Jennifer Lopez and her daughter singing together, I honestly looked up to see when her tour comes by here. Her kids seem super sweet and well-adjusted and, WOW, her daughter Emme is just as talented as J Lo!!!

TWO // S’Mores Popcorn

We have internet and cable hooked up so I’ve been enjoying the Today Show as my “morning background noise.” I used to religiously watch it before going to school in the mornings so it’s bringing back all the feels. (And I’m loving the cast they have right now!) They just had a segment with food for the Fourth and this recipe for s’mores popcorn seemed DELICIOUS.

THREE // Urban Stems x Vogue Bouquet

My mom’s birthday was last week and my sister and I have a present for her being made but I still wanted to give her something physical. So I sent her down this bouquet. An hour after I placed the order, UrbanStems reached out about sending me the exact same bouquet because it had just launched. It was such a funny coincidence and I have a hard time saying no to fresh flowers! My mom and I both love the bouquets– such a fun mix of flowers and colors. It comes with the vase which I’m sure we’ll put ours to good use for years to come.

FOUR // Nest Fragrances Tangerine

I’ve been burning this candle every day in our kitchen. The smell is delicious and so, so summery. Since I love the candle, I ordered the diffuser to keep (safely) in other rooms. I am majorly paranoid about candles so I only light them in high-traffic-can’t-be-forgotten rooms.

FIVE // Rescue Dog Excels with Training

This little puppy was rescued and with only a couple of months of training, he’s turned into a complete pro. His tail wagging is the very best part followed closely by him scooting down the floor on a skateboard! 


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Jane Evans

I bet the Tangerine is amazing!!! I’m a Nest fan and right now Nordstrom Rack has some scents at a real discount including an orange diffuser.
Urban Stems is just so pretty. And I collect white pottery, so I love the vase.


I love Nantucket as well and was hoping you would share the website and listing of the house you rented. Thanks.


Please don’t use the term “grandfathered”, as it has extremely racist roots. I’d recommend researching the history behind it and then finding another way to describe what you’re trying to say.