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This week has been relatively “normal.” I think it was the first (almost full) week of normalcy since our move. Of course, we left for Mike’s family’s lake house last night so now we’re traveling again…. but still, I am here for feeling a bit closer to normal!! And I’m so excited for the next few days at the lake.

Kelly in the City

I went down to Ocean City on Sunday to see Kelly, Mitch, Emma, and Lucy! So fun! We did not plan on matching, but loved it nonetheless. My dress is super old but available on Rent the Runway (+ the long sleeve version is on sale) and Kelly is wearing this Lilly dress (which I also have, ha).

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Brighton Scarf Available for Preorder

I have a few of these scarves, but this colorway is hands down my absolute favorite. It goes with so many of my favorite outfits, is under $50, and looks like a Hermés! Looks great with basics (e.g. white blouse + jeans), navy anything (like how I wore it here), and neutrals (e.g. a camel coat). It transitions so well from late summer all the way through fall.

TWO // How to Help Your Anxious Partner and Yourself

I thought this was such a great piece to read both as someone who experiences anxiety and as someone in a relationship. Even if you don’t have anxiety or have a romantic partner, chances are someone that you have a relationship with (family member, friend, coworker) does. Lots of valuable takeaways from this that anyone can implement.

THREE // Little Free Library Flower Boxes

I bought a Little Free Library. I couldn’t resist– I’ve been dying to do it and since I get so many great books sent to me, I think it’s a fun way to pass things along. Naturally, I also succumbed to decorating it and taking it up a notch with these flower boxes. Am I nuts?! Maybe. But I can’t wait. I can already picture decorating the boxes with different seasons– mini pumpkins and mums in the fall, pinecones and poinsettias in the winter, etc.

FOUR // Harlowe James– a new to me blog

I tend to keep my Feedly (an RSS aggregator and how I read blogs) a pretty tight ship. I don’t overload it with blogs and look forward every morning to catching up on my favorites. Most I’ve been reading for years and years, but I just love finding a new one to add into the mix. While looking for home inspiration, I found Harlowe James on Pinterest and OMG I am in love. She’s an interior designer by trade and I am just in love with her style. I love finding a blog where I want to be friends with the author, you know?!

FIVE // Humidity Shield

My friend Janelle is a hair tester for Living Proof. (I know, dream side gig, right?) While at Nicole’s bachelorette, she had the entire lineup in the bathroom and let everyone play around with the product. She swore by the Humidity Shield– I was #skeptical because my hair and humidity do not get along. While it didn’t magically transform my hair in the insane mugginess (like basically raining), I noticed a significant difference. Like what would have been a 10/10 frizzball night was more like a 3/10 on the frizziness scale! I’ll take it!

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Alyssa Gianino

Can you share what blogs are on your morning read? You and maybe two others are the only ones I read now because no one posts every day! Thanks!!


Love, love, love the little free library! I have one in my neighborhood, and it just makes me so happy to see it full of books when I pass by. It really makes a community feel like a community. Enjoy yours & I can’t wait to see how you decorate it!


My 15 year old daughter took the LP HS spray with her to Guatemala this summer and said it was a miracle worker for her wavy/curly hair in the 100° weather with 100% humidity and daily rain. We bought a travel size can and she definitely wants it again.


love that you’re doing a little free library! makes me wish i lived in your neighborhood to borrow your books!!

A Girl, A Style

Ooh, thank you so much for both the Living Proof and blog recommendations! My hair reaches Monica-in-Barbados proportions the moment it’s rainy or humid (which it has been most days in Cambridge of late), so ordering this asap!

And hadn’t heard of that blog but just went and binged about 20 posts; I love her aesthetic so much! Also found Kelly’s blog via your House Hunters post the other day and was instantly addicted (her new house, OMG!), so thank you on both counts!

Have the loveliest weekend away!

Briony xx


I LOVE that you got a little free library! I’m so jealous (#condolife). This may be so weird to say, but I’ve always thought you’d make a wonderful librarian and a FANTASTIC children’s librarian as you just seem so good with kids. (If you’ve ever seen You’ve Got Mail—Major Kathleen Kelly vibes.)

Anyway, please give us an update later on your little library!


Oh my gosh, I’m SOOO jealous you bought that Little Library!! TONS of homes in my town have them and we’ve been talking about wanting one this whole summer! I Just LOVE the idea of sharing all my books with my town!


I’m so excited that you bought a Little Free Library! I used to live in a neighborhood where there were quite a few and I know it is something I want to have when I buy a house one day.


Just a quick tip from someone who learned the hard way – don’t put poinsettias in your flower box at Christmastime. Even though we associate them with Christmas and my family in Florida always had them outside for the holidays, they do not do well in cold climates! Which makes sense since I remember learning in grade school that they’re native to Guatemala and Mexico (random, I know). Lovely idea though!