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You know what I have to say about this week?! Go Cubs go! I’m not sure that I’ve ever watched as much baseball as I did this week. I hopped right on that Cubs bandwagon and didn’t look back. It was so much fun to watch every game, even if they were nailbiters! Although I did love the suspense, I’ve decided I’m done with sports… the stress was too much. 😂 I don’t know how people do this every week.

Farm Girl Flowers

Last week I spontaneously ordered myself a Farmgirl Flowers bouquet. I follow them on Instagram and couldn’t resist the gorgeous fall flowers I keep seeing pop up on my feed. The beginning of my week was so rough, and I forgot I had ordered them… they came at the perfect time!

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // 3-Second Exercise for Finding Joy

This is the first article about “finding happiness” where I actually thought it was super easy and super on point. Sometimes the whole hunt for happiness seems like climbing a mountain. Chade-Meng Tan has a simple solution that everyone can do!!! Ever since I read the article, I’ve been trying to find my own slices of joy throughout the day.

TWO // The Cutest Layered Shirtdress

Could this layered shirtdress be any cuter?! I love that it’s one piece, but has every element of an entire outfit.

THREE // American Girl Doll Accessories

My sister and I were very late to the American Girl doll game. We loved them but had to make due with playing with our next door neighbor’s dolls. Until one fateful Christmas, we got Samantha (me) and Molly (my sister). And then it became the go-to gift idea for our family… so we got American Girl doll accessories for every occasion!!! Circling what we wanted from the catalog was one of my favorite past times. We had a bunch of these accessories featured on Buzzfeed, ha! (And by “had” I mean “have” as they’re perfectly preserved in my closet in Tampa.)

FOUR // One-Room School House Renovation

This one-room school house is my dream house. I love it so much!!! The detailing is perfect, but I think I love that they kept the chalkboards throughout the walls the most.

FIVE // RIP Vine

“Do it for the vine” is no more. I think because Twitter announced that they were going to discontinue Vine, a lot of people are starting to wonder about the longevity of social media. (My phone started ringing off the hook with interview requests!) My whole thought on the matter is that it’s content before the platform. A great creator and influencer can cultivate an audience that is following them for their content, not because they’re on a specific platform. First, read this article and then watch this video if you want an inspiring debriefing!

SIX // Bow Clutch

I found an amazing black clutch perfect for upcoming holiday parties or just going out with friends. Clutches are  so hard to nail… so many look like cheesy prom options, you know? I am obsessed with this one, and it’s under $50.

SEVEN // ChefSteps

I have found the holy grail of recipes. Unlike Pinterest, where I feel like recipes can be underdeveloped or confusing to follow, these are done by professional chefs. The photos are stunning, and the steps are super easy to follow and understand. I want to try these soup dumplings!

EIGHT // That Cello Guy

Ending things on a positive note. The cello is my favorite instrument, but it typically sounds pretty melancholy to me. Cremaine Booker, aka That Cello Guy, is playing his cello to bring more peace and love into the world. He’s incredible– and his music is moving.

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This has seriously been my favorite “On My Radar” post. I love the dress and school house renovation!


American girl dolls were my life when I was younger, saying I was obsessed is an understatement! That schoolhouse renovation is absolutely amazing!
Kelsey |


Love your picks–especially the renovated schoolhouse–so cute! The slices of joy is a good read as well. Have a wonderful weekend!


Cremaine Booker is awesome. I play the cello – like all instruments, it can of course sound melancholy (I prefer the term “expressive”) depending on what you play. However, if you’re interested in the instrument but your opinion that it is melancholy is keeping you from listening to it, I suggest you look a little bit more into cello music. I actually feel that so much cello or cello-heavy music from the baroque, classical and romantic eras is pretty upbeat and dancy. The cello has the largest range of sound of all instruments, making it super versatile. You may find some other things you like! Even in today’s popular/indie music, the cello is rarely utilized to make a melancholy sound (ex/the lumineers, ra ra riot, the avett brothers, brandie carlisle, trampled by turtles). This is all my opinion of course – only mentioning since you said it was your favorite instrument!


Girl, I totally hear you on the World Series. I’ve never watched sports, but my boyfriend is a huge Cubs fan so I get really invested in the Series. We even went to a playoff game! I wrote a whole blog post about my favorite moments and stories behind this year’s series to get it out of my system, but I am all sports’d out! …On to what’s actually “on your radar,” I really enjoyed the 3-second article. I’m excited to start incorporating those tips into my daily routines. Also, I’m obsessed with that shirt dress! Have a great weekend, Carly!

xo, Taylor


I 100% agree it’s about content over app. Also love the ChefSteps. Thank you for sharing!

I am all about rooting for the underdog in sports and usually comes down to nail bitters. Go Cubs Go!

Have a great weekend, Carly!


I was SO anxious watching Game 7 too! Especially the last two innings. I’m pretty sure I covered my eyes every single time the Cubs pitched in the 10th inning. And I was in Chicago (at Wrigleyville!) watching the game, so you can imagine what the atmosphere was like there! I remember thinking the same thing as you…sports just make me so stressed, I have no idea how people do that often!