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Rabbit, rabbit! This was such a big week over here. What a way to go out with a bang for October. Thank you SO much to everyone who sent messages and left comments about my behind the scenes post and followed up after listening to the Bad on Paper podcast. And for all the hilarious notes, comments, and DMs about my Halloween costume. Guys, I am feeling the love this week and I really appreciate each and every one of you.

I also have been testing out a new local gym this week and tried a bunch of classes. The Barre Body Sculpt ones have been my favorite. I think I fell into a little bit of a rut with BBG. I love it but doing the same workout for a year can get a little old, so I’m excited to be trying something new and feeling extra invigorated. I’m 1,000% a better person when I work out and even more so when I’m love love loving a workout.

Madison, NJ

Okay, here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Bad on Paper Podcast

I recorded two episodes with Becca and Grace for their Bad on Paper Podcast. The first is one of their book club picks where we discussed the book How Could She. I didn’t love the book but thought it lent itself to a great conversation!! And the second one is essentially a Q&A and I really open on it. We recorded it a few weeks ago, and I’ve been sweating with nerves about it. But I’m finally glad it just out there now!!

TWO // Red Waverly Tee

Just had to share that my favorite tulip sleeve top is now available in red. I’m trying so hard to resist buying it (since I already own it in black, navy, green, and white…. whoops). Perfect for the holidays though!!!

THREE // Flu Shot Facts

I got my flu shot earlier this week, even though I hate needles. As nice as it is to protect myself from the flu, I really got it to help people with compromised immune systems who cannot get the flu shot themselves. Just something to keep in mind even if you’re willing to take the risk of getting sick, for someone else the flu could be deadly. I also learned from you guys that if you go to Target or CVS for your flu shot, they’re giving away $5 gift cards.

FOUR // Bow Neck Dress in Black, Red, & Green

How PERFECT is this bow neck dress for the holidays?! I love all three colors and each would work for a holiday party or wedding if you have any coming up!!! The dress is also pretty affordable to begin with and it’s 20% off for the next week.

FIVE // My Diet Today vs. My Diet Tomorrow

I love Reese’s holiday shaped cups and this meme is oh-so-me. They’re my ultimate weakness. And for some reason, I would never go to the store and buy a regular Reese’s cup but I feel like the holiday shaped ones “don’t count.” 😂 Switching from pumpkins to Christmas trees (and then hearts and then eggs!).

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Loooooved listening to the podcast. You are so easy to listen to, and we got to see a different side to you which was so lovely. I really hope you do more! Also thanks for using your platform to promote the flu shot. Public health strategies only work when the people who can participate do. Hope you have a lovely weekend to kick off November.


As a pharmacist, I LOVE that you are helping to promote the flu shot even though you don’t like needles. It’s so important for herd immunity for those who can’t get the shot themselves. Thank you for spreading the word!


I loved both the podcast episodes! Thanks for all your honesty this week between the episodes and the post on Holiday sponsored content.


LOVED both episodes of Bad on Paper with you! I have been following you for so long now and it is fun to see a little more of an unfiltered version of you!

Many good takeaways about mental health, relationships, and lots of good book recs!


Love the photo of the fall leaves and love that you’re promoting the flu shot! One potential correction though, I don’t think CVS gives out $5 gift cards for getting the flu shot, they give out coupons for $5 off of a $25 purchase (good until December 31st). I got my flu shot there recently and that’s what I received, it’s also what they advertise on their website.

Caitlin Meany

I just wanted to leave a silly comment. I think it’s funny that the Tuckernuck model wearing the Red Waverly Tee has like 15 boxes of pizza posing with her! 🙂 Love the top and Love that Tuckernuck used the pizza boxes as a prop!

Brigid Devney-Rye

So enjoyed listening to you on Bad on Paper. Thank you for being so open. Just confirmed that I think you are wonderful.


I loved listening to you open up on the Bad on Paper podcast, thanks for being so transparent! I’ve been reading your blog daily for more than seven years now (how has it been that long?!?) so it was fun listening to you spill the tea. Also, thanks for promoting the flu shot! I’m another huge needle hater but I make sure to get it every year to protect myself and others.


Love, love love the podcast!

Also, the dress came in a royal blue a few months back and I have worn it to three (!) weddings since! Such a great cut and the bow detail is a great excuse to wear my hair up to show it off. Win win!

Kelly Clardy

Just wanted to say- I’ve loved your posts this week, but especially this one! I am one of those immune compromised people. So you promoting the flu shot is so appreciated! Thanks so much for that!

Lauren G

I already love the Bad on Paper podcast, so I was so so excited to have you guest speak this week! Haven’t read the book yet, so I skipped that episode until I finish, but I thought the “unfiltered” Q&A episode was so great. Felt like I was just hanging with the gals!! (From the comfort of my car in 5 o’ clock traffic lol)


You were so lovely and authentic on the podcast! I almost wish you let a bit more of that side of you onto your blog and instagram (not that you aren’t lovely and authentic here). It felt like a fresher voice. Keep doin’ you!


Just listened to the second podcast and loved it! It was wonderful to see another side of personality.



Your flu shot take made my heart happy. Thanks for thinking of those of us with compromised immune systems!

Your fave diabetic friend Haley


Thank you for promoting flu shots! A lot of the blogger community is anti-vax so it’s great to see a prominent member speak up about herd immunity


I wasn’t familiar with your blog, but I just listened to you on the Bad on Paper podcast and found it to be a really interesting interview. I’m probably too old for your demographic (and the BOP demographic, too – I’m 50!) but I love hearing about all of the exciting things that women are doing out there – particularly in the areas of tech/blogging/influencer world – things that didn’t even exist when I was in college! Keep it up!