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I had a GREAT week. I’m not exactly sure what is happening, but I can’t complain at all. A lot of little things seem to be lining up and on a big scale, I feel really at peace with what’s to come. Last weekend I was in Nashville for Pencil & Paper Co’s Creative Camp and it was super inspiring. I started to write a little thing to send to everyone after giving a quick spiel at the brunch and ended up writing 16 pages single spaced between Sunday and Wednesday. I felt called to write this big huge thing and, honestly? It might end up being a book proposal. It’s a super, super rough draft right now and I’ve already thought of, like, ten things that I missed. It’s so different than what I thought I’d ever write but it’s the easiest thing I’ve ever written? It just…. didn’t feel like work?

Anyway, I was productive in pretty much every element of my life too and it felt good.

Amelia's Flower Truck

Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // Atypical Season 3

If you’re not already watching Atypical on Netflix, now’s the time to do it because season three just came out and there’s plenty of episodes to binge this weekend. I think it’s such a great show and I haven’t been hearing too much buzz about it, even though it totally deserves it!!! It’s. So. Good. It follows Sam, a teenager with ASD, and his family as they navigate, well, life.

TWO // Sezane’s Athleisure 

Sezane, one of my favorite clothing lines at the moment, just launched a line of athleisure. And in true Sezane fashion, each piece is downright exquisite. I ordered a few things and can’t wait to try everything on in person. I love the little details– so pretty!

THREE // Embroidery Basics

Ummm, so I can’t remember if I have included this video series in a past On My Radar or not. Including it again since I just co-hosted a class with Mariana from Hibiscus Linens. I had so much fun– I haven’t embroidered in decades and it took a little bit of practice but then it started to come back to me. I’ve been referencing this Youtube playlist for the basic stitches. Love how she does them all on one hoop.

FOUR // Brooks Brothers Red Fleece Collection

Brooks Brothers is killing it right now with their Red Fleece line. So, so cute. Lots of classic pieces that you have to check out. One of my favorite sweaters of all time is a fair isle from Brooks Brothers and they have a REALLY good option right now. I love the colorway of it.  And I love the fit and flare of this plaid dress and the ruffle detailing on this blouse.

FIVE // 110 Year Old Tree Library

Wow wow wow. This is the most amazing free library EVER!!!! A woman in Idaho created a little library out of the tree stump of a tree they had to cut down. Talk about incredible. A tree library alone would be cute, but they took it to the next level with all the details from the shingled roof, bright green color, and tiny wooden books for decoration.

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June Pope

Thanks for all your hard work. Love reading your blog and stories, but love it when you’re happy. It’s like you’re one of my children. The little tree library is amazing, so glad you shared that! (You guest appearance on Bad on Paper was great)


Atypical is where it’s at! My brother has ASD and I spend a lot of time in the sped world—it really nails the complicated family dynamics and all the challenges people with ASD face in a really approachable way. (Of course, I say that acknowledging that ASD is a spectrum—for my family personally, we feel like it was accurate.)

Also, v into this potential book proposal. If it doesn’t pan out into one I’m hoping for at least a blog series on whatever topic it is!!