On My Radar

Ahhh! I’ve spent the whole week tying up loose ends with work and getting all my cards and corporate gifts in the mail. No joke, I went to the post office, like, eight times in three days!! I finalized all of the gifts for my mom, sister, and dad and got those in the mail too. We have our ~first annual~ Christmas party tomorrow and so Mike and I have been busy getting everything prepped and ready for that. (I’m baking three kinds of cookies today… ha!)

Holiday Outfit

Here’s what has been on my radar:

ONE // Emma Watson “In the Bag”

I already love Emma Watson (who doesn’t?!) but this video of her going through the– many– contents of her bag made me love her even more. She has so many random things in there; I thought it was too funny and you definitely get a fun little peek into her personality.

TWO // Tates’s Gift Baskets

Anyone still looking for a gift to send to someone out of town who’s impossible to shop for?!? These Tate’s Bakery gift baskets are brilliant. Someone sent one to my mom and she was raving about how beautiful and delicious it was. I had no idea they made them… so smart.

THREE // Ski Sweatshirt

The only thing I love more than a ski sweater is a ski sweatshirt. So cozy and comfortable. I have a small collection and really, truly didn’t need another one. But this went on major sale and I couldn’t resist. I’ve been wearing it quite a bit since I got it… and with two ski trips already planned for 2020, I’m sure I’ll get even more use out of it.

FOUR // Dog Stick Library

Someone added this link in my Facebook group and I was (am) dying. I think I need to add an addition to my current Little Free Library. A stick library for neighborhood pups– too hilarious!!

FIVE // Von Trapp Great Grandkids Sing “Edelweiss”

Wow. I had complete head-to-toe goosebumps. The great-grandchildren of one of the Von Trapp siblings did an impromptu performance of “Edelweiss” and it’s even more beautiful than you can imagine!!