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This week didn’t exactly go as planned. I had a big shoot planned for Tuesday, but it poured all day long. Complete torrential downpour. At one point, I checked the radar again just to make sure it wasn’t going to miraculously clear up and almost immediately it started to thunder. I thought, “Okay, okay… I get it!”

Because of the rain delay, we moved the shoot to Wednesday and had to cancel a quick getaway we had planned. I was disappointed but glad we got the photos we needed!

I also can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week. I’m heading to Florida to celebrate and spend time with my family. Of course, a trip to Tampa wouldn’t be complete without stopping by all of my favorite places.

Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt Tartan

Tartan Shep Shirt // Red Bun Bow (c/o)

I have ten things on my radar this week:

ONE // Vineyard Vines Casting Call

Vineyard Vines is hosting casting calls all over the country to find “Good Life Guide” ambassadors. They’re going to be in NYC today and tomorrow (Friday/Saturday) plus a ton of other cities coming up where I know there’s a lot of readers (Georgetown, Charleston, and Orlando to name a few) live.

TWO // Bon Bon Earring Lookalikes

I can’t stomach spending hundreds of dollars for a pair of trendy earrings, but I love these $48 lookalikes! I have a pair on the way and can’t wait to wear them to holiday parties.

THREE // Heathrow Airport Commercial

How cute is this commercial for Heathrow Airport? It’s their first ever advertisement, and it’s as charming as you’d expect it to be. (Also, I think the little characters look like Teddy and Hammy.)

FOUR // “Sleep on the Floor” Music Video

The Lumineers’ songs are always my favorite. I love to put their songs on while I’m working because they’re so calming. They just released a music video for “Sleep on the Floor, ” and it’s great!!

FIVE // Disney Channel Mickey Ears

No. Words. I laughed so so so hard at all of these. Watch somewhere where you’re able to laugh out loud in peace. You’ve been warned.

SIX // “She Believed She Could, So She Did” Cuff

If you remember back to the very beginning of this blog, I always wore a gold cuff that said “Live Your Dreams.” I wore it for years, nd it sadly broke right before we moved to Connecticut. I think this could be a great replacement.

SEVEN // Beauty and the Beast Trailor

YES!!! A longer trailer has been released for the new Beauty and the Beast with Emma Watson and it looks amazing!!!! Beauty and the Beast was actually the first movie I went to see in a theater back in 1991!

EIGHT // Tips to Encrypt Your Online Life

These are great tips for making sure your online accounts and identity are protected!

NINE // Visiting Every Country in the World

Cassandra De Pecol is about to become the youngest person to visit EVERY country in the world. She’s 27 and has been documenting her trips online.

TEN // The Best Mannequin Challenge

The whole “mannequin challenge” thing is hilarious, but these kids take the cake!!!

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Beauty and the Beast was actually my first movie in theaters as well, and therefore has always held a special place in my heart. Can’t wait for the new movie!


I love your shep shirt and all of those videos drawing the Disney ears are hilarious!
Kelsey |


Oh my goodness I saw that video of the Disney Channel stars and I laughed so hard! So funny to think back to when I used to watch all of those shows too!! And I also can’t wait for Beauty and the Beast!!!! Have a great weekend!
Xo Lauren


Those teddy bears! <3 And I watched the trailer last night and got so excited. Wish it was coming out during the holidays instead of March!


The Beauty and the Beast trailer made my blog’s Friday Favorites too! Emma Watson is GOALS in that classic and iconic dress! Those Mickey Ears takes were too funny, I totally remember watching those in the Lizzie McGuire days! Great post 🙂

xo, Taylor


I LOVE the Disney channel videos so much! It cracks me up. Oh, to be a kid again! I thought it was really cool how they didn’t seem all that into it, but could turn on the charm instantly. I was impressed!

Jen Kessler

I love how the old Disney movies are being redone with real people. So far they have been so beautifully done and I can’t wait to see Beauty and the Beast!

Alisha Ross

I am trying to be more positive, so I appreciate your example. Thank you for sending out such good energy into the world! All my best to you.