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I’m writing this post after a barre class and a cup of coffee. So bear with me as I’m feeling a little more jazzed than normal. I never (or I guess I should say rarely) have a hard time getting back into a work routine after a long break because I enjoy it. But I definitely struggle to get into a workout routine– it’s just so easy for me to slip into an “I’ll do it tomorrow.” With every passing day, it then gets harder and harder to get back into it. I have been feeling super motivated though lately– in large part because I’m hooked on barre! The more I go, the more I want to go.

While working out is easily the hardest thing to stick to, there’s a real domino effect. I have so much more energy throughout the day, I’m happier, I sleep better, I FEEL better. I want to eat better, be more productive throughout the day, and get a healthy amount of sleep. Okay, I’ll step off my soapbox now 🎤


Athleta’s crop top is my favorite!!!

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // A Book Lover’s Dream Apartment

This apartment is STUNNING. Between the eighteen feet ceilings, artwork lining the floor, and books around every corner, I can’t get over it. I’m usually not into industrial spaces, but this one has won me over!!

TWO // Up to 50% Off Cashmere

J. Crew is having a cashmere sale! They don’t put their cashmere on sale often, so I felt like I had to share. Two highlights: the jeweled buttoned cardigan & the cashmere hoodie!

THREE // Breakfast Bowl

I’ve been doing so well with my “at-home” lunch 2020 goal for myself. Obviously we’re not too far into the year, but I’m basically picking a few ingredients and making the same thing (maybe slight variations) every day. I’m sure I’ll mix it up weekly and will crave different things as we get into different seasons, but it makes it so much easier to shop this way. This breakfast bowl is an elevated version of what I’ve been making. Like, YUM!! Love the idea of throwing in some hummus!

FOUR // Hailee Steinfeld “Wrong Direction”

Omg, I’m obsessed with Hailee’s new song “Wrong Direction.” Very catchy! I put it on the background while I worked the other day and couldn’t stop listening. She’s so talented.

FIVE // Gal Meets Glam Coat Sale!

Gal Meets Glam’s coats are on major sale right now. All coats are 60% off right now. I think they run true to size or slightly big, so definitely check the reviews available for each coat before you make a purchase.

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Thank you for the encouragement, Carly! I’ve had a hard time this week getting back to my normal workout as well. I enjoyed my break, but need to focus on a good routine now. Great post!


THANK YOU for posting about the J.Crew cashmere sale! I was able to buy the oversized wrap that I’ve been wanting for months! 💛