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I feel like I spent the majority of this week batting off issues left and right. Like email whack-a-mole or something!! We have no plans this weekend though and I fully intend on digging into my personal to-do list (which took a backseat). Deep cleaning, laundry, vacuuming my car. You know, the fun stuff.

Macbook Air

Okay, here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // Hello Sunshine Is Looking for a Librarian

How fun is this! Hello Sunshine (Reese Witherspoon’s media company) is looking for a librarian-in-residence. The role looks like they’d love an actual librarian, but it’s not completely necessary. So if you love love love books, have a great on-air personality, and are a fan of Reese’s book club… go for it!! And if you’re a real librarian?! 100% do it!

TWO // Tiered Cover Up

Anyone going somewhere warm soon?! Add this tiered cover up to your packing list! I have the style from last year (or the year before… I can’t remember 🧐) and think it’s pretty close to the perfect cover up. Comfy and opaque.

THREE // Florence Pugh Eats 11 English Dishes

Okay I am weirdly obsessed with Florence Pugh’s voice. Ha! I just love the way she talks and could watch videos of her all day, every day. This Vogue video of her eating English dishes is as aesthetically pleasing as it is entertaining. Her commentary cracked me up.

FOUR // Vail Valley Travel Guide

I’d love to spend more time out in Colorado, though I realistically probably won’t plan a trip until next year at the earliest. Even still, I’m saving Meghan’s travel guide for Vail Valley. It looks like such a perfect place for a ski trip– almost like a winter wonderland movie set!!

FIVE // Everyone’s Dressing Like They’re In Little Women Now

Clearly I’m still on a Little Women kick. Was supposed to see it again this past weekend but a flat tire derailed our plans. While I have no intentions of getting into cosplay (though maybe Halloween 2020!?), I am finding myself drawn to the “Little Women look” and clearly I’m not the only one.

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Loved the video of Florence Pugh, especially when she took out the Tide pen. I’m from the US but live in London and you can’t get them here. It’s one of the few things I still bring over from home…they are a lifesaver!


I’m now also obsessed with Little Women and think this is the best adaptation yet! I’ve seen it twice in theaters but now want to watch the Elizabeth Taylor one and Winona Ryder one as well!

That Girl

A few tips on Vail from a CO native:

The Four Seasons is the BEST hotel.
Stop by Gorsuch, it is the original store and sooo cool — Swiss Alps vibe.
Vintage is great for brunch and lunch, our favorite restaurant in town.
If you decide to get adventurous, Aspen is worth the drive.
Hope you can make it to CO soon!!


I immediately thought of you when I saw Reese’s story about needing a librarian! Seemed like the perfect little Carly job!! Happy weekend to you 🙂

Lauren G

Including that Florence Pugh video made me seriously laugh out loud. My friends and I are obsessed with her! She’s just so much fun and a phenomenal actress.


I’m also completely obsessed with Florence Pugh! The way she spoke in Little Women… Ugh! Amazing.


I actually thought the dress you posted prior in “Booties” was reminiscent of the Little Women style!


Oh Carly you need to plan a Vail trip; you’d love it! Yes the skiing is great, but there are so many things for non-skiers to enjoy too. I worked for the resort and lived there for 3 years and would love to share recommendations if you want them!