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This was an incredibly low-key week. Carter is out of town so my usual schedule was out the window and I actually had days where I had nothing officially scheduled except my workout classes. I started to go a little stir crazy, especially since we didn’t have the best weather all week. And since last week was SO eventful with 20+ hours of shooting video, I think I was coming off of the high from that excitement. The bright side is that it did allow me to tackle some boring back end work stuff that I have been putting off for a rainy day, which I guess it turns out to be pretty accurate. Ready for things to get back to normal though.

Valentine's Day

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // 50 Rom Com Books & Movie Pairings

Maybe you don’t have Valentine’s Day plans just yet or need something cozy to do yourself this weekend– here are 50 rom com books and movie pairings. A great list if you need a movie to watch or book to read. I am usually on the fence about rom com books, but maybe picking one similar to a movie I love would give me a better success rate!

TWO // Seersucker Swimsuit with Bow Straps

Must. Resist. How ADORABLE is this one piece bathing suit?! It’s seersucker with the cutest bows on the back. Such a fun look. Would be super cute to wear with beach-y pants or a flow-y skirt while on vacation for a very preppy resort look.

THREE // Internal Monologues?!

This has been blowing my mind!!!!! Some people don’t have internal monologues. I’ve gone on such a deep dive on this and it’s been fascinating and mind-blowing. (Which apparently if you don’t have an internal monologue, you don’t get the fuss 😂) It’s just so hard to wrap my head around this (because I feel like I talk to myself all day, every day) and I have so many questions, including if they get songs stuck in their heads?! I’m not the only one with questions though and this guy interviewed a friend who doesn’t have an internal monologue. His confused facial expressions throughout… SAME.

FOUR // The Best Accessory at the Oscars

I have to confess, I don’t really care for award shows (except the Tony’s 😂). Not that I’m against them, I just would rather see the highlights the next day! I was delighted to see that Julia Butters (the adorable 10 year old actress in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) brought a turkey sandwich in her handbag. Adorable… and relatable I’m sure regardless of age.

FIVE // Perfect Attendance Pencil

There was recently a viral video of a kindergartner whose perfect attendance pencil was taken from her. (It’s hysterical in the most adorable kind of way.) Ellen invited her to be on the show and the result is even cuter than the original video! Just a cute little video to brighten your day!!

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Sarah in Vt

I don’t have an internal monologue (I think in images), but I absolutely get songs stuck in my head!


I 100% have an internal monologue and I don’t understand how people can’t have one? I also rehearse conversations in my head, talk to myself, and (this is embarrassing) narrate what’s happening or will happen like in a novel!

Brittany H

I’m still trying to figure out if I have an internal monologue.. Currently running through my head is Grease Lightening.. Random, I know. Happy Valentine’s Day, Carly!


Carly – your blog is dying on the vine. This wasn’t a ‘slow week’ because of Carter. You simply have nothing going on in your life that anyone cares about. Repeat granny outfits, dogzzzz, homegoods, tv and books. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat repeat repeat. Typos. Marriage thirst. Repeat. Baby thirst. Repeat. Humble bragging about your terrible skin. Repeat. Honestly find a job before it’s too late. Good run while it lasted.

Mary Kate

Wow, I feel so sorry for you. I hope you get some help with whatever it is you’re going through that you don’t feel the need to tear others down.


Yikes. Hopefully, something positive brings you as much joy as berating strangers on the internet!


I hope something brings you joy beyond the drivel on this blog you fill your day with. Gorging on a stranger’s lazy vanity project shouldn’t make you happy.


Jess/Lou/Pamela just so you know, when you comment, even if you change the name/email it still shows up as coming from the same computer.


I hope something beyond the drivel on this blog brings you happiness. Gorging on someone’s lazy vanity project shouldn’t bring you joy.


very long time reader (2011?) and while this comment isn’t v nice, I also agree with the spirit of it


I’ve never commented on a blog, but the absurdity of your comments inspired me to do so. I think your life may be much happier if you just tuned out of this blog. If it doesn’t bring you joy and you feel the need to tear Carly down, it is probably best for your mental health if you find another blog that is more aligned with your interests. I, for one, connect with where Carly is at in her life and find some joy from reading about her life because she is going through similar things-it looks like you may be on a different trajectory in life and I would encourage you to find a blog that you can connect with the same way I connect with Carly’s blog. It looks like Carly knows who she is and where she wants to go in life (shouldn’t we all be so lucky!), and your comments likely won’t sway her one way or the other so your negativity campaign to get her to change is a moot point. The incessant comments aren’t doing yourself or Carly any favors, so feel free to change the channel and find something you look forward to reading everyday if this isn’t it.

Marie M.

1. Love the candy table! Just wish I could try some of the treats. Where’s the original picture from? I’d love some of the recipes. “On my Radar” is one of the favorite posts you do.

2. Who is Carter? I thought your boyfriend’s name was Michael?

3. Can’t image someone NOT having internal monologues! I always seem to have song — or worse an advertising jingle going round in my head!

4. What is the video and when will we see it?

5. The little girl who had her perfect attendee pencil stolen is adorable! Thank you for sharing it with us.


The candy and treats are all from HomeGoods actually! Photo is from the spread I did for this sponsored post… and Carter is my photographer!


I also don’t have an internal monologue and am fascinated that some people require words to think. (For the record, songs do not get “stuck in my head;” instead, I just find my self humming or singing them and I thought that’s what people were referring to, haha. So if I want it to stop I can physically stop myself from producing an output and there is nothing ricocheting in my head against my will.) Some questions I have for those who think in words are whether they can conceptualize abstract concepts if they did not learn the word for it yet (e.g. liberty, privilege) and whether they can only read as fast as they can hear the monologue in their head. Also, when they listen to audiobooks, do they have to repeat the words back to themselves in their own inner voice or can that be understood directly because it’s auditory verbal info? When they learn a new language, do they have to translate the word in their head before they express it externally? I have many more and maybe it’s worth a facebook thread! But I’d appreciate any answers word-thinkers are willing to share. 🙂