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Hellllllllo December. Being back in Tampa was wonderful, but it’s always a shock to the system to try to get back into my routine. I also feel like I’m finally getting my head above the water. November is always my busiest month, and it feels good to be across that particular finish line!

I spent the week digging out of my inbox, getting back in the gym and on the tennis court, sorting through December’s calendar, and gearing up for 2017. (TWENTY SEVENTEEN. How???)

Talbots Flats

Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // Letitia James on How to Get Involved with Local Politics

I was nervous about publishing my “election post” on here a few weeks ago. I wanted to keep it positive and productive; I was so relieved that everyone got what I was going for. And now I’ve just been working on it personally and researching different resources online so far. It’s overwhelming, though. This was a great piece with Letitia James on The Cut.

TWO // Tartan Earrings

I just bought these earrings in every color. I couldn’t resist the tartan bows!!! I switched out pearl studs for diamond studs this year, but I’m trying to mix it up now and then. These little earrings are small enough where they don’t stand out too much, but they’re still cute and fun! At $10 a pop, I couldn’t pick a favorite.

THREE // Dolly Parton, Miley Cyrus, and Pentatonix perform “Jolene”

Ugh. My mom had me watching The Voice while I was home. She filled me in on all the contestants, and I sat there basically glued to the tv. I missed this performance, but I have been watching it on repeat. I love Miley (sue me) and her “backyard” rendition of “Jolene” so I was over the moon that she performed it with Dolly Parton.

FOUR // Spotify’s New Ads

How amazing are these Spotify advertisements?! Not only is the data that they used smart, the slogans are so clever. I don’t want to know what Spotify thinks about my listening habits, haha!!! And I definitely pulled up “It’s the End of the World as We Know It” after finishing that post.

FIVE // Where’s Waldo?

Ending the day with something that will no doubt put a smile on your face. A construction worker has been placing, moving, and hiding a giant Waldo cut out for children in the hospital to find every day! A creative act of kindness.

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I’m so thrilled to see you mention the construction worker who came up with the clever Where’s Waldo idea,, My nephew was in a very serious car accident this past spring and was in Memorial Hospital for 2 weeks before being transferred. I can’t tell you how much we appreciated Waldo! It gave us something to talk about with him each day (even tho he was unconscious), and we looked forward to it more than you can imagine. I truly appreciated the effort & thoughtfulness that was put into this!! A random act of kindness that made our days a little less awful!

And also…….LOVED Dolly”s performance with Miley!!


Thank you so much for the article about the election. I definitely understand the wanting to keep the blog a positive space, but I think that a lot of women (and girls too) look up to bloggers as role models and many of the bloggers that I follow didnt make a single mention about the fact that our nation just went through a huge change (for better or for worse depending on your side) and to not acknowledge it seemed to me to be hollow and disingenuous. So I appreciate your posts that at least point people to places where they can make a difference. That is what a real role model should do, so I thank you 🙂


I love the performance of Jolene by Dolly, Miley, and pentatonix it is amazing!
Xo, Kelsey


I just watched the Jolene video – holy crap that is amazing! I love Miley too – she is so great and putting her own spin on songs and this just proves it! I love how different everyone is performing and how they brought their unique styles and managed to mesh them together perfectly!


That version of Jolene was really interesting! Random group, but it works. Miley is kinda crazy, but you can’t deny she has talent.
Also, I can’t wait to see you style those earrings! I think they are really cute, but I’m having a hard time picturing what they would actually look like on a person.


That Where’s Waldo story is too sweet! I love seeing stories like that, especially during times when there is so much other negative media. I hope whoever occupies the building finds a way to keep the game going once the construction is complete! Also, thank you being brave and talking about politics and getting involved because it is so important. I wish more bloggers talked about it because it is such a great platform! Have a great weekend!

xo, Taylor


Oh my gosh, I love that your mama watches the voice! My cousin was a contestant this season and now my family is hooked.