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Honestly not much new to report. Just getting through the days, putting one foot in front of the other. I have written and re-written this paragraph like four times and honestly I just have nothing to say but to keep on keeping on (at home, if you can). ✌🏻

Made some more masks for friends & family in the area…. Sacrificed two table runners I bought a while ago but hadn’t used yet!

ONE // How to Be Resilient

I love the blog Barking Up the Wrong Tree. It’s entertaining and provides great tips and pieces of advice for random things. The most recent piece is about how to be resilient during this period of time. Definitely could be worth a read if you’re feeling not-so-great with adjusting to this new normal.

TWO // Rattan Wine Tote

This isn’t a totally useful thing right now… but I stumbled on this rattan wine tote and well, it’s so cute. I don’t even drink wine and I want it. Maybe I’m just dreaming of summer picnics, even if it’s just in our backyard!

THREE // A Beginner’s Guide to Needlepoint

My internet friend Brooke just released a free PDF with all the basics you need to get started with needlepoint. It’s the best guide I’ve ever seen… the photos and diagrams are SO HELPFUL!!!! It’s a small thing but when I got started, I wanted to see what the backs of canvases and I love that she shared photos of that as well.

FOUR // Caning Wallpaper

My goal for 2020 was to finish off the house decor, but I put that on the back burner because we can’t have people in the house. I’ve been dreaming up ideas though… Need to find somewhere for this CANE WALLPAPER. How cute is it? Love all the color combos.

FIVE // DIY Tie Dye

Tie dye is everywhere right now. My good friend Ashley made the cutest tie dye shirts and walked through the entire process on her blog. Could be a fun weekend activity to do if you’re bored and want to flex your creative muscles!

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Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

lol @ the rattan tote… Last week I bought a woven bag, ya know, to complete my daily uniform of matching sweats hahah. To be fair, I had been eyeing that bag for awhile, I don’t have any woven/straw/picnic bags in my wardrobe, and the site was 40% off! // Thank you for sharing the article on resilience <3

barbara dunn

I am looking into acquiring a new little buddy, Your puppies are darling,can you tell me a little about them. I am going from large dogs to little ones and could use some help. Thanks and please stay well!


You know what helps me sometimes? Imagining I’m in a Austen or Bronte novel where people lived out on the country sometimes and only went to town for big socializing during the Season! Lol 🥰


Thank you so much for the link to the needlepoint for beginners PDF. It was so helpful and so nice of your friend to take the time to create the guide.