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Sorry for the radio silence over the past day or so! I got some kind of stomach bug and I’ve only been able to nibble dry toast! Hopefully, this is it as far as winter sickness goes for me. Fingers crossed.

I also wanted to give a quick housekeeping update… The College Prepster app is being shut down in January. It’s a long story, but if you use it regularly, you’ve probably noticed that there have been a lot of bugs with updating posts. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot I can do. (And I’ve taken note of the lesson not to use third parties!) The good news though is that with the website relaunch back in July, the website is now mobile responsive. You can even create a “short cut” on your phone’s home screen that looks like an app but will take you to the mobile site. You can delete the app from your phone and create the short cut in its place!

Williams Sonoma

A quick snap from the inside of Williams-Sonoma. I went in for one thing and walked out with unplanned Christmas presents for people. (Their salespeople are on their A-game right now!!!)

On my radar this week:

ONE // Pinch Provisions

I did an impromptu Snapchat “unboxing” earlier this week, and one of the packages I opened was from Pinch Provisions. They’re the makers behind the Minimergency Kit aka the world’s greatest thing. The tiny pouches have everything you might need “in a pinch”: floss, breath drops, sewing kit, nail file, ponytail holder, tampon, etc. I don’t go anywhere without mine and seriously need the kit at least once a day. These are great stocking stuffers and gifts for coworkers.

TWO // Dinosaur Tail Preserved in Amber

I was equally amazed and grossed out by this naturally preserved dinosaur tail that was recently discovered. It has feathers. Also, it’s 99 million years old.

THREE // Moana

Garrett and I saw Moana this weekend. I’m not the biggest fan of new Disney movies, but Moana was unbelievably good. I want to see it again… and then I’ll probably end up buying it too. Lin-Manuel Miranda (of Hamilton) wrote a lot of the music, and it’s just amazing. I left the theater humming the songs, reading every article written about the movie, and looking up flights to Hawaii.

FOUR // 2017 Agenda

I don’t use a paper agenda anymore, but if I did… I think it would be this one! I love the typography and that it’s a bound journal. It comes in pink and navy. I’m tempted to get it and force myself to convert back to agendas, at least for my to-do listing!

FIVE // Drawings for My Grandchildren

I found this Instagram account after reading a story about it. A grandfather created an Instagram account as a way to connect with his grandchildren. Every day he posts a new (stunning) painting with a short story caption. I love that this is not only an excellent way to stay in touch with his family, but it’s a legacy of storytelling.

Anything great on your radar this week?

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I hope you’re feeling better, Carly! I absolutely love the minimergency kits from Pinch Provisions and just ordered some for my best friends.

Nicole Lam

Hi Carly! So sorry you’ve been under the weather. But glad you’re feeling better and on the mend! Great round-up this week! I can’t wait to share the story of the dinosaur tail to my sons – they love anything historical/dinosaur, etc. 🙂
Also, my husband and I took our boys (7 + 4) to see Moana last weekend and we totally agree!!!!! One of the best Disney movies and my husband kept saying how he actually really, really enjoyed the movie. It’s going to be a classic, for sure. And we see a LOT of kid movies (both in theater and at home) and to say that this is one of our favorites is saying a lot. Sorry for the novel – just had to share. Have a good one! 🙂


I need to see the Moana movie it looks so cute and that Instagram sounds adorable!
Kelsey |


I’m so glad you liked Moana! I actually LOVE all things Disney, but I hardly ever see cartoon movies in theaters anymore. I think you convinced me to go see it though, instead of waiting for On Demand.

On my radar this week was definitely the VS Fashion Show and Hairspray Live! Hairspray is one of my absolute favorites! The music just makes me SO happy! The actors are all so talented, and it turned out to be a great show. …Hope you start to feel better this weekend! Take care.

xo, Taylor


Sorry to hear about the shut down of the app but I love your new website design! Williams Sonoma is most definitely a dangerous place to go into around the holiday, I always come out with multiple bags… Love Drawings for Grandkids Instagram, I will be following that one!