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Another week of highs and lows. As much as I love real rollercoasters, I’m very much over the rollercoaster that is 2020… Mike had some relaxing days up at the lake which was a high, but my family’s cat Pookie passed away which was very much a low. Ugh.

My mom and dad had a cat named Puffy before my sister or I were born and she lived to be 20! When she passed away, we didn’t think we’d get another cat for a while, but life had other plans. A few weeks later, our eye doctor called us to say that they had found an orange and white tabby cat in their backyard and asked if we wanted to rescue it since they were all allergic. That’s how we ended up with SoHo… but when we took him to the vet, there was a crate of kittens up for adoption and there was little Pookie. He had the loudest purr my mom and I had ever heard and though we walked in with one cat, we walked out with two! We will miss him ❤️

Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // Parent Trap Reunion

You don’t want to miss this! Katie Couric interviewed the cast of Parent Trap in a Zoom reunion! I hope they do something similar where they can all be in person, but the video conference is still pretty good. I want to rewatch the movie ten times this weekend, it just is the best kind of nostalgia.

TWO // Dreamwell Flounce Dress

I am all about the comfortable dresses every summer, but particularly now. I ordered this one this week and, fingers crossed, it’ll be a great lounge around the house dress that can double as a coverup when needed. It looks a bit like a nightgown and I’m not sure how opaque the fabric will be… but it still seems cute and I’m excited to try it on!

THREE // Nell Mescal duet with her brother Paul

Okay, this is for all my Normal People fans out there! Paul Mescal (aka Connell) just did a duet with his sister and, um, it’s amazing. They’re both incredibly talented but it’s also very sweet to see the brother and sister sing together.

FOUR // Tie Shoulder Linen Top

Had to share this super cute linen top with bows at the shoulders. It’s currently 25% off and seems like the perfect summery top. I’m leaning towards the black, but it also comes in white, pink, and a chartreuse.

FIVE // Kim Kardashian on Mental Health

Kim Kardashian released a statement about mental health after her husband Kanye West experienced another manic episode as a result of his bipolar disorder. Honestly, I thought it was so, so brilliant. Even though mental health is much more celebrated now than it has been in the past, sometimes the stigma is still largely there for individuals. I think a lot of families can relate to the struggle of caring and wanting the best for a loved one who is struggling.

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Morgan Roberts

Hi! I went to checkout the linen top but it has a bad review from someone with your description and name. I’m wondering if you have received it and liked it? 🙂

Brigid Devney-Rye

So sorry about your loss. Such a sweet picture of you and your cat.

Amanda McDowell

So sorry to hear about Pookie! Losing a pet is one of the hardest things. Sending you love!


So sorry about the loss of Pookie. I hope the memories you have of him will comfort you and your family though this sad time. This is the absolute worst part of having furbabies.


Girl you have aged so little my only thought on that photo was “that’s very 2003 outfit, do people still wear pearls that way?” I had to read the intro (so sorry for the loss of your pet!!) and it still took me a minute to realize that wasn’t a recent picture.

Christine S.

I’m so sorry for your loss! <3 Losing animal family members is absolutely devastating.


Nancy Meyers are always my favorite movies to have in the background (while I’m working, cleaning, half asleep). I may have already gotten through the Parent Trap 6 times this week? Totally worth it.


So sorry to hear about your family’s cat. Loosing a pet/family member is never easy, especially ones that grow up with us.
On a different note, I can’t believe I’ve missed this linen top from J.Crew! I thought I was on top of all the offerings, I guess not!


I’m so sorry to hear about Pookie 🙁 My dad’s cat passed away unexpectedly last month, and it really felt like losing a member of the family. We’d had her for almost 13 years.


I’m so sorry to hear about your family cat, Pookie. My first cat was also named Pookie! I was four when she became a part of our family and I will always remember her. Cats hold a special place in our hearts.