This week went by incredibly fast in some ways and inched along in others. My due date is one week from today (!!!), so baby really could come any day now. (Or it could be a couple of weeks too…. it’s becoming harder and harder to remain patient!) I had one day this week where I was very sick and couldn’t stop throwing up and I thought there was a chance it was the beginning of labor… and then nada! I’d love for him to keep safely growing, but I also can’t wait to meet him! AHHH!

Here’s what’s been on my radar this week:

ONE // Tom Daley Knitting Through the Olympics

Truly can’t seem to get into the Olympics this year…. except this totally caught my eye! Diving champion Tom Daley was seen in the stands knitting a dog sweater. If that’s not the cutest kind of Olympic news, I just don’t know what is. He just took to Instagram after casually winning to talk about knitting and, honestly, it made my whole day!

TWO // Preppy Kitchen’s Dream Kitchen Garden Reveal

I love following John (aka the Preppy Kitchen) and his baking and cooking adventures. He has such a calming presence. He just revealed his garden in Connecticut and…. WOW! Talk about a dream garden. I would love to have the space for something similar in the future. In the meantime, I will live vicariously through John. The espalier apple trees?!?! Absolutely genius!

THREE // Liberty London Face Masks

With mask mandates coming back, I’ve been thinking about sprucing up my collection again just to feel excited about them. (I am also terrified of testing positive for COVID before giving birth so I’ve been extra cautious about masks and being with friends outside only lately…. regardless of CDC recommendations.) I’ll probably sew a few more this weekend, but if you’re looking for cute new ones, I love these Liberty London ones from J. Crew with the ruffles too!

FOUR // Samantha’s Summer in the City Mix

American Girl released a playlist for Samantha! I saw it on Instagram and immediately added it to my library. Just a fun mix of songs!

FIVE // Note Inside of a Little Free Library

This note was left inside of a Little Free Library and my faith in humanity was restored after reading it! (Brought a tear to my eye and everything.) I love having a Little Free Library in our yard and seeing people stop by to leave a book or pick one out…. plus, I love stumbling on them in other neighborhoods and cities too.

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Oh Carly I am SO excited for you!! I have been a follower since you lived in NYC and read your blog every day. Sending you all good thoughts for the best possible birth experience for you and baby!


A few times a year, I purge my books and make my rounds at all the Free Little Libraries in the neighborhood. (We live in a charming old school part of Austin, so we have way more than just one!) It’s my favorite way to spend time before work—I only wish I didn’t love our libraries so much so I could contribute more!!


I just wanted to say I empathize with feeling terrified to test positive for Covid before birth. I gave birth in December and this was my main fear. You saying this really brought me back. Thinking of you!! 💗


Love my Liberty London facemarks! The fit me so well (I think I have a larger head lol) and I always get compliments on them. Sending extra positive thoughts your way Carly over these next few weeks!