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I feel like I haven’t stopped this week– in such a great way. I was blow drying my hair this week and realized how much it’s already grown out since my haircut right after the new year. Seems pretty fitting though because I feel like the end of my January looks completely different than it did at the beginning.  It’s pretty insane how much has changed and let’s just say… I’m not looking back.

As for fun things this week, I had an amazing weekend that made Monday extra difficult, I did a fitting for the People Stylewatch bathing suit issue that I’m going to be in (omg), and took a trampoline class at the gym. I had a lot of questions about what the class was like… it was so much fun and also extremely hard. It was half jumping, and half like regular core/leg/arm work with pushups and crunches. Seriously challenging, but I highly recommend finding a similar class if you can. My friends and I are all going back.

NYC Pretzel

I have ten things on my radar this week, so let’s dive right in:

ONE // Team Emma Rose

I know this sounds super creepy on my part, but I kind of keep up with readers if we’re friends on Facebook or if you comment with your blog links frequently or are particularly active on my social channels. Sometimes blogging can feel one-sided, so I like to see/know what you guys are up to, too. A TCP reader that I’ve been friends on Facebook with for years now just relapsed with leukemia. Now, I’ve seen her pop up from time to time on my feed giving back to children with cancer and supporting them since she knew what they were going through. When I saw that her leukemia had returned, she jumped to the top of my prayer list. You can read more of her story here and even purchase a great t-shirt to support Team Emma Rose.

TWO // UCLA Gymnastics

I love watching gymnastics videos– especially college gymnastics. If you’re not tuning into UCLA’s Youtube videos right now, you should. Olympians Kyla Ross and Madison Kocian are Bruins, and they’ve been killing it in their college competitions. Pretty exciting stuff!

THREE // Ben and Jerry’s Pint Slices

I legitimately thought these delicious slices were fake when I saw it, but it’s REAL! I’m kind of mad they’re real because I’m not sure I’m going to be able to resist.

FOUR // CUTE Apple Watch Straps

When I was putting together yesterday’s iPhone case post, I stumbled on Casetify’s Apple Watch band options. I had no idea, but they’re too cute.

FIVE // American Kids Try Tea from Around the World

The whole video is precious, but the bubble tea kid just steals the show.

SIX // This Is Us Chrissy Metz

What an inspiring essay from Chrissy Metz. I think a lot of times dreams and goals can feel so out of touch. And then life throws curve balls and makes it even harder, but it’s never impossible. It just takes sacrifice and sheer will and support from friends/family.

SEVEN // FutureMe.Org

A reader tweeted this website to me, and it sounds like such a fun concept. You can write your future self a letter! I want to take some time this weekend to do a little writing.

EIGHT // Gingham Plates

Mark and Graham just added a red colorway to their gingham plates… and they’re perfect. I’d throw a little Galentine’s party just to use them!!

NINE // Perfect Penny Loafers

I’m not going to lie; I watched Nancy Drew the other night when I couldn’t sleep, and I started looking online for penny loafers. How beautiful and sophisticated are these?

TEN // Teacher’s Personalized Handshakes

Ending today’s post with something uplifting. This fifth-grade teacher came up with individual handshakes (and they’re elaborate) for each of his students. Talk about building respect between teacher and students. They enter that classroom knowing their teacher is 100% on their side. I LOVE IT.

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So many great ones this week Carly…I always look forward to this post! And just to point out my favorites, I loved Chrissy’s essay as well! She just seems so down to earth and wonderful! Also…those handshakes are just the best thing I’ve seen this week! What an inspiring teacher!!
Have a wonderful weekend!


The website is perfect! I remember my mom telling me about how one of her high school teachers had my mom’s class write letters to themselves predicting where they thought they would be in the year 2000. Her teacher then mailed all the letters to her students, finding them 16 years later!

Rachael Beaudin

I couldn’t stop giggling at the reactions to the Boba Tea from the video! Thanks for such a lighthearted post! I needed it!

Bri A

Love these! I’m so glad your January ended on a good note!! And I so want to try that trampoline class! Is it at your regular gym?


YESSS!! I’m so glad I’m not the only one obsessing over UCLA gymnastics. I generally only seriously follow gymnastics around the Olympics but I really haven’t been able to get enough since Rio!


I agree!! It’s so addicting to watch and see them kill it in college rather than going pro like all the other Olympians!


Same! I even started in NCAA fantasy gymnastics! I love watching the meets. You can find links to which ones are available online on this blog – (plus it’s hysterical). Maggie Nichols at Oklahoma and MyKayla Skinner at Utah are also must watch.


I think it is so wonderful that you are sharing about Emma Rose. Such a touching story and I think it speaks volumes that you care so much about your readers that you take the time check in on us as well. A lot of bloggers are concerned about views and profit, but I think its wonderful how involved and appreciative you are.

Taylor |

Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

omg trampoline class sounds like so much fun?? And I don’t doubt how tiring it is. I took a kickboxing class with a friend and the first 2/3 of it was just crossfit. By the time we got around to the kickboxing, I was so tired! But in a satisfying way 🙂 // I think it’s really sweet how you keep up with your readers. Sorry to hear about Emma Rose in this way 🙁 but thank you for sharing! // Ah I saw the video of the teacher’s personalised handshakes earlier this week on FB! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


I just got a letter that I wrote to myself from futureme! I was struggling with a “heartbreak” and decided to write the letter to help move on…. I ended up predicting a lot of things and looking back and reading the letter is so cool. Definitely recommend!



I had never heard of Pint Slices before, just clicked on the link and can’t even handle the excitement that’s building up. It’s honestly everything that’s good in this world in a pint size piece. They are firmly written now in all caps on this week’s grocery list!



This is always my favorite post of the week!! I LOVED the video about the teacher who gives each kid a personalized handshake. I’m a teacher too (albeit a high school teacher), but it really does make all the difference in the world when you acknowledge a student as a human being, not just as another kid in a class. With everything that’s going on in education right now (from too much testing to Betsey Devos), it’s so encouraging to see a teacher who still loves his job and his students!


LOVE all of these and so happy for you in January!! Here’s to an even better February!

Michelle Mullins

I’m listening to a Nancy Drew audiobook right now! I need those loafers!! Glad your January went so well for you, I’m sure February will be even better 🙂


Those plates are PERFECTION! All these were really great – I always look forward to your On My Radar posts, they’re so fun!


Okay, no, I saw those Ben + Jerry things come across my Facebook feed and I was like WUT! Resisting is easy when you can’t find them anywhere in town! (The downside to living in a “small” town). Also, totally with you on the gymnastics front. I get so mesmerized because I have no idea how people can flip through the air like that!

xo, Sofia


I always look forward to having my coffee while reading your daily post! I’m glad January turned out to be so much better than you expected! 🙂 Hopefully February is just as great, if not better!

Southern & Style

First of all, I love SO much that you are supportive of your readers-that shows not only how awesome of a blogger you are…but a truly amazing person as well. Secondly, we’re talking about culture in my 7th grade Geography classroom right now & I showed my kids the video of American kids trying school lunches from around the world and it was SO funny! You have to watch it!

xoxo, SS

Southern And Style