ON MY RADAR 3.1.24

Rabbit, rabbit! HAPPY MARCH. When I first moved to NYC, I will never forget my first (very long) winter…. I thought surely we would have spring weather by March 1 and I remember looking out the window in my office at snow and thinking, “wait where’s spring?!” and then realizing that we were very much in for more winter. Where I came up with this March 1 = spring? No idea, but now every year on March 1, I kind of laugh and re-remind myself that we still have more winter and not to get ahead of myself 😉

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Swing Dress

How freaking cute is this swing dress from Old Navy? I love the Kelly green so much and the black is a classic. If you live somewhere warmer, this would be a great staple item to add to your wardrobe and super affordable.

TWO // Oven Roasted Sea Bass with Ginger and Lime Sauce

One of my friends posted this recipe and I immediately saved it. I wanted to share it here too so I can go back and easily find the recipe when I’m in the mood to cook again. I love how simple this seems. Not too many ingredients and not too many steps… that is right up my alley.

THREE // Navy and White Shirt Dress

Well clearly I have warmer weather on my mind. I’m obsessed with this little shirt dress! I think I absolutely love how sharp the white and navy one looks, and the black and white is quite practical too. Kind of like a tennis dress mixed with streetwear!

FOUR // Underwater Welder TikTok Trend

If you haven’t seen this “underwater welding” trend on TikTok, you’re in a for a treat. It is so, so funny and every one seems funnier than the last. People are calling their parents/family members/friends to tell them that they’ve gotten a job offer to do underwater welding….. This one has been my favorite so far. Talk about a supportive dad (even though he’s clearly confused and panicking… haha!).

FIVE // Ember Mug

My friend Ashley got me this Ember Mug and, wow, my life has forever been changed! She told me it was a mom essential for her… and now that I’ve had it for a few days, I can see why!!!! It actually keeps your coffee hot. I had resigned myself to drinking cool (or even cold) coffee in the mornings getting everyone ready for the day and now I can enjoy hot coffee every sip. I am loving it– every time I go to drink my coffee I expect it to be cold and I’m pleasantly surprised at how hot it still is.

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Moonsparkle (ZM)

Thanks for sharing your favourites!

1st March is meteorological spring, so maybe that’s where you got the idea? 🙂 My birthday is that day and I’d like to think it’s in spring but really it’s the end of winter! lol