ON MY RADAR 3.17.23

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We’ve had a relatively normal week over here, which is honestly a relief! A nor’easter did roll through early in the week, but thankfully we were spared the worst of it! The wind was more intense than the snow, but it could have been a lot worse. A highlight of the week has been the later sunsets. I’m very much team get-rid-of-Daylight-Savings-Time!!

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Delta One Review

One of my favorite Youtubers just did a comprehensive review of a Delta One seat on a flight to South Africa. I have become a little bit of a snob about airplane travel…. so I’m always curious about where expensive seats are actually worth it. (In my defense, I don’t know that I’ve become a snob or that air travel has just become so bad….) For such a long flight, it is tempting to upgrade so I love seeing what it’s actually like.

TWO // Blue & White Bridesmaid Dresses

I did a shopping Q&A post on my IG Story earlier this week and I got so many great shopping requests. One of the most popular questions was people looking for bridesmaid dresses…. specifically blue and white ones for a coordinated bridal party look. I think it’s a great trend happening right now with weddings and (hopefully!) bridesmaids feel super confident in the dresses they get to wear and (hopefully!) rewear. I spent some time finding beautiful blue and white dresses that I think would work for bridesmaids!

THREE // Spoken Poetry

This TikTok stopped me dead in my tracks (er… my scroll?). First of all, she has the most intriguing voice– I hope she ends up narrating an audiobook (maybe her own?!), I would listen to anything! Secondly, her words are incredibly beautiful and powerful. I’ve sent this to a number of friends and wanted to share it here as well. Highly recommend giving it a listen.

FOUR // Flower Strap One Piece

J. Crew has been on fire lately!!! Great to see, terrible for my wallet. I was particularly drawn to this gorgeous one piece…. the floral straps are beautiful. My only problem is that I couldn’t figure out if I should go for something classic (navy or black) or the hot pink for a pop of color. I almost always go for classics, especially for bathing suits, but man that pink is speaking to me!

FIVE // Babiator Spring Collection

Babiator sunglasses are so cute and the spring collection is no exception. In particular, the limited edition tortoiseshell sunnies are chic, chic, chic. They have three different frames in the tortoiseshell: euro round, navigator, and keyhole. I die!!! And (UGH!) this makes me want summer now.

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Kristen |

I watched the Delta One review this week too, and now I can’t stop thinking about it! Being crammed into a tiny seat, especially on long flights, is miserable. Traveling first class like that is such a bucket list item for me now.


Such a great round up!

I’m also loving the extra hour of daylight at the end of the day, but getting rid of daylight saving time would actually be getting rid of the time we just switched to…so I think you meant getting rid of standard time? It’s hard to keep track!

Those blue and white dresses have me dreaming of warmer weather!


Ditto to J.Crew being on fire – their influencer marketing on TikTok especially has been SO GOOD. Love seeing a brand make a comeback + watching how they do it! And that swimsuit is definitely adorable!


Ah, can’t wait to see the full reveal – this wallpaper is fantastic. Also, I’m pregnant and just received a pair of babiators as a gift. I cried, they’re so cute!!