ON MY RADAR 3.2.23

I got back from Copenhagen Sunday afternoon and was sooooo excited to be reunited with Jack. Mike is still in London for work, so Jack and I had some extra one-on-one time. We also had our first proper snowstorm of the winter season!! All of the youngest kids in the neighborhood got together for sledding– Jack and his one little buddy who is six weeks younger than he is actually got to participate. They weren’t just the babies anymore!

Here’s what’s been on my radar this week:

ONE // The Cut’s New Etiquette Rules

This was circling around the internet over the past month and I finally had the chance to catch up on it. It’s The Cut’s “new rules.” At first, I kind of rolled my eyes at it…. but honestly… I think there’s some really good valid points. Etiquette is great, but has it caught up to 2023 and the nuances we face socially nowadays? (Although, I love Edible Arrangements and would happily accept one for any occasion!) If nothing else, it’s a good topic to debate and discuss with friends at your next brunch or dinner.

TWO // 90s American Girl Collection

American Girl just launched their latest historical doll collection….. and it’s the 90s!!!! As in the 1990s. 🤯 I absolutely think it’s too early for the 90s, but I also really love it. I’ve heard the twins, Isabel and Nicki were kind of modeled after Mary Kate and Ashley. I love the outfits and I love the accessories. (I mean, Pizza Hut Book It?!?! It’s perfect.)

THREE // “Can I Hug Her?”

As if one 90s throwback wasn’t enough for one blog post, here’s another! Lisa Ann Walter (aka Chessy) brought Elaine Hendrix (aka Meredith) as her date to the SAG Awards. Such a beautiful moment of friendship! They both had such fabulous outfits and I love to see it!!!

FOUR // Jake Arnold for Crate & Barrel

I love all kinds of celebrity collaborations, but this has to be one of the most thoughtfully designed ones… of all time. Interior designer Jake Arnold’s collection for Crate & Barrel is absolutely stunning. It’s making me rethink all of my own personal preferences. The box-pleated sofa is a show-stopper.

FIVE // Justina Miles Interview

Better late than never! Justina Miles performed ASL during Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime show. She is insanely talented and her performance (dare I say it….) stole the show! Love to see her get the recognition she so deserves and I hope to see her in more performances in the future too. (I have a feeling she’s going to be crazy sought after now!)

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I too am OBSESSED with the Jake Arnold collection! Seriously considering that sofa…


I felt so old when I saw the 90s AG dolls, but love the Pizza Hut Book-It accessories!!


American girl doll reminds me to
Cher Horowitz and Britany Murphy from Cluless 😀