ON MY RADAR 3.22.24

Hello from another Friday! We are grooving along through March– how?! We are officially in spring and it’s been a welcome change. The temperatures dipped again this week, but we’re so close to better weather that I can almost taste it. Ever since the pandemic, spring has been my favorite season. During March 2020, I would go on extremely long walks taking note of the daily changes in the landscaping– new little buds on tress, tiny flowers pressing up through the ground, and the shadow of green on trees. It felt so hopeful and now I see spring in a whole new light.

Rory’s thank you notesI’ve been so delayed in getting them out… but finally did it!

Here’s what’s been on my radar this week:

ONE // Blueberry Sour Cream Coffee Cake 

love any dessert with blueberry. It may be one of my all-time favorite flavors. (When I was pregnant with Jack, I ate my weight in blueberry doughnuts!) My mom has a fantastic recipe for a blueberry tea cake that is a crowd pleaser. I saw that Half Baked Harvest shared a blueberry sour cream coffee cake and my mouth instantly started watering. This is right up my alley.

TWO // Patterned Toiletry Bag

Weezie has been coming out with the cutest products lately. I just love everything that they do and their monogramming is next level. I am obsessed with their terry cloth toiletry bags and now they just came out with patterned ones that are oh-so-darling. While I’d normally be inclined to go for the blue gingham, the coral squiggle is really calling my name. Maybe I’ll get the blue gingham for organizing the boys’ things.

THREE // Returning to Your Childhood Hobbies

This post on Cup of Jo made my day when I read it. I’ve been fully advocating for the importance of hobbies and I just love hearing about other people finding joy from hobbies, too. I think there is just such joy in being able to do something for pure enjoyment. Highly recommend taking the time to read this– it’s beautifully written and inspiring!

FOUR // Gingham Glider

The boys will ultimately share a room and we already have a glider in the nursery…. but….. wow this gingham glider is making me want to design another nursery STAT. Our glider gets so much use in the nursery– I breastfed for hours and hours and hours there and now it’s where we do a lot of reading with Jack (and nursing again with Rory). This blue gingham is absolute perfection (and also comes in a neutral tan, too).

FIVE // London Fog Milanos

The way I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw Pepperidge Farm had released a London Fog Milano. WHAT! I genuinely assumed it was AI generated as someone’s dream cookie because it’s my dream cookie. But it’s REAL. Need to track these down asap…..

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Caitlin C Johnson-Pagano

Check CVS for the Milanos – I saw them at one in the city the other day.


Curious about your decision to have the boys share a room. Growing up my sister and I had our own rooms but had a period of two years where we shared a room. It was lovely.


I’d love to hear more about how you’re doing it! We’ll be in a similar situation and I’m not sure how it’ll work out when they’re on different nap schedules. Will Rory be in your room for a while first before they switch to share?


The link to the thank you notes sends you to pajamas. I have been thinking I need to order some for my three month old so I would love the link. Thanks!


Congratulations again on Rory, you have a beautiful family. 🙂

I haven’t commented much lately because I’ve been busy with my own boy (9 months now) but wanted to just say I really sincerely enjoy your blog. I feel like you’re never trying to be anybody but yourself, so refreshing. The second part is so many blogs I read have jumped on every political trend, following all the same topics as the other blogs. I like you have a theme that you stick to and I don’t need to see a post here about every political, social, or economic occurrence.

Your blog is my respite, I always enjoy it.

Kelly Carr

OMG those milano cookies! A london fog is my favorite drink and the cookies remind me of vacations at my grandparent’s house. I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited about something you posted before!