ON MY RADAR 3.31.23

Jack and I have been logging our outdoor hours big time. A highlight for Jack was that a neighbor had to have a dead tree removed and it was a production and a half. A bunch of our neighbors (moms and kids) were out watching, too. It was just such a funny little Tuesday morning of us standing out in the rain together with our kids thoroughly entertained. Anyway, just a little slice of neighborly happiness.

Here’s what’s been on my radar this week:

ONE // How to Call Your Government Representatives

I feel like it goes without saying that this week was another devastating week with devastating news. I’m disgusted and feel pretty helpless. Grateful for people like Emily Amick (@emilyinyourphone) for helping people by giving them tangible things they can do. Follow this Instagram post with tips and a script for how to reach out to your government representatives to support The Office of Gun Violence Prevention Act.

TWO // A Stoop Wedding in Brooklyn

This is a gorgeous wedding in Brooklyn. Ever since we had an intimate backyard wedding, I’ve become obsessed with seeing other people’s. (If you’re thinking about doing a small wedding, I can’t recommend it enough!!) Every photo is so sunny, cheerful, and celebratory. So romantic.

THREE // Happy To Be Home with the Benkos

My friend Gray has a design show coming out on the Magnolia Network!!! I’m so proud of her! She has such a unique sense of style and is not afraid of color. Every peek of the show they’ve shown so far looks brilliant. I cannot wait to watch. It premiers April 9 at 8pm!

FOUR // Target Shoes for Toddlers

I wanted to share that Jack’s favorite sneakers from Target are back in stock in a new colorway. They’re so comfortable and they’ve been pretty much the only shoe he wears. (Though he wears them so much that they’re almost on their last leg so we’ve been trying to mix up his sneaker rotation, ha.) Wanted to share the style though since I get DMs about them! PS For toddler girl moms, I’m obsessed with these little floral high tops. 

FIVE // XO, Kitty Spinoff on Netflix

Fans of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, rejoice! There is a new spinoff starring Kitty!! Kitty was my favorite character in the movies so I’m happy that she got her own show. I also think Anna Cathcart was such a breakout star that they couldn’t not give her her own movie. She is so talented! Can’t wait.

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As a mom in Nashville, thank you for encouraging people to contact their representatives. School shootings have always been heartbreaking and absolutely devastating to hear about. But hearing coworkers talk about their friends that lost a child or other coworkers with friends with children in that school who survived, it becomes impossible to ignore that it could be your child next time. At this point, I’m feeling pretty helpless. But I keep calling my representatives and am getting involved again with Moms Demand Action. Things have to change. ❤️