ON MY RADAR 3.8.24

There’s nothing quite like having a newborn to make time absolutely FLY by. It’s kind of funny how slow time felt towards the end of my pregnancy– January felt like a whole year! And now I’m trying to dig my heels in the sand to make time slow down…. 😭

My needlepoint for beginners tips!

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Infertility & Faith with Jaci Marie Smith

I’ve been loving the Girlscamp Podcast. The host left Mormonism and has been exploring life after leaving through her podcast where she interviews other people (mostly women) who left the faith. I’m not someone particularly interested in religion, but I still find the podcast to be enlightening and interesting to listen to. They tackle deep topics where they’ve questioned their faith. This episode is with Jaci Marie Smith, a creator whom I really love. She struggled with infertility and at the same time was deconstructing her relationship with Mormonism at the same time. 

TWO // Freaky Friday Sequel Is Happening

Ummm… Lindsay Lohan confirmed that a Freaky Friday sequel is happening! It’s one of my comfort movies that I could watch 100x in a row so this is particularly exciting. I love hearing too that Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan remain close. I am curious what the sequel will be like!

THREE // The Idea of You Official Trailer

The official trailer for The Idea of You is out. Honestly, I loved the book and couldn’t put it down. My interest was piqued when rumors of a movie began circulating and now that it’s almost here, I can’t wait. It’s streaming on Amazon Prime on May 2. I saw some mixed opinions on the trailer, but I think it’s going to be right up my alley. (I love Anne Hathaway!)

FOUR // Woven Summer Basket Bag

How freaking cute is this woven basket bag? It’s perfect for summer and the little horse bit detailing elevates it (without breaking the bank). There’s a bunch of fun accessories with this horse bit design… plus I’m lusting over all the other new arrivals too. Craving warm weather.

FIVE // Best Marketing Campaign for a Sports League

My friend and I are obsessed with this TikTok account– she shares sports news and explains everything so well. (Honestly, ESPN should give her a show! She is compelling and I would watch!!!) She just shared this genius marketing campaign. Like it’s the best campaign I think I’ve ever seen!!

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