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I am just simply not one of those people that can travel non-stop. Props to you if you’re capable of packing and unpacking and living out of a suitcase and hopping into planes/trains/automobiles. Rinse and repeat. A full week of traveling left me spent, and despite my best efforts to stay on top of work, I still got behind. That said, the travel has been 100% worth it!

Focusing on the positives:

– It was pretty gorgeous weather this week, and the dogs and I both enjoyed quick jaunts to the beach to frolic. Dogs are allowed on the beach until March 31st, so we’re taking advantage of these warm days as much as we can. (And I’m not getting my car detailed until April 1… so. much. sand.)

– My workouts at the gym went so well. I went with friends Monday night for cardio, went to my usual class on Wednesday, and went to a hot yoga class with a new instructor whom I LOVED. I’m seriously feeling stronger every day– and having fun doing it.

– I started a new book. I’ve been feeling uninspired to read lately. (Honestly it’s the last thing on my mind during the day and even less so at night.) But my friend sent me this wonderful, short book about “God winks.” It was just what I needed to get back into the swing of reading.

– Speaking of reading… MAXIE IS WRITING A BOOK. I’m just going to put it out there that you have been a part of this journey for her. Thank you guys for reading and sharing and commenting on her guest posts. I will be, of course, updating you guys as I can with more details…. but YAYYYYYY! I’m the proudest friend ever right now. She was in NYC this week and I got to sit down with her for a quick lunch to celebrate.

Straw Clutch

This straw clutch is only $35!

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Navy Striped Lined Barbour Coat

I do not do not do not need another coat, but this one is so cute I had to share it. I think it’s the perfect coat for traveling. Between the hood and the length, you’re completely covered from potential rain, but it’s still chic enough to be rocked on a cooler sunny day too.

TWO // Do What You Can’t

Casey Neistat stopped daily vlogging, but his video content has still been great. This video that he put up this week is amazing. I bookmarked it on my phone, so I can rewatch it on days when I’m feeling down.

THREE // Mary Poppins Sneak Peek

This sneak peek at Emily Blunt as the new Mary Poppins has me feeling all kinds of excited. She looks practically perfect in every way.

FOUR // The World’s Pinkest Person

This is not my personal cup of tea, but man is this lady rocking that pink. I was dying at the part where she went on a date with a colorblind man. (To be honest, he seemed like a good match, ha!)

FIVE // You May Want to Marry My Husband

I’ve seen this NY Times essay everywhere at this point, but in case you haven’t read it yet, I’m including it in today’s roundup. Be warned: have tissues nearby.

SIX // All Pink Starbursts

Even though red is my favorite Starburst color, an all-pink pack still sounds pretty good. Now I’m craving Starbursts, great.

SEVEN // White Shirtdress with Bow

I found the cutest white shirtdress, and it’s under $50!!! I live in shirtdresses all summer long, and this one looks like it’d be a top contender. Even though it seems early, this is the kind of thing that sells out long before Memorial Day.

EIGHT // Wild Blueberry Lavender Ice Cream

This ice cream recipe looks unbelievably good. I’m tempted to buy an ice cream maker just for it… not really, but kind of.

NINE // Ruffle Sneaker

Anyone else sick of seeing those Adidas sneakers?! They’re everywhere. Well, this Tory Burch sneaker is 10x cuter with the little ruffle. I can’t pick a favorite… the navy, red, and green all look sharp!

TEN // You’re Killing It

In case you’re in need of this little reminder: you’re killing it. 

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OMG, The NYT article. I have a family friend who is fighting cancer right now, and I couldn’t help but think of his wife as I read it. I think “more” is definitely the theme for so many. Thank you for sharing, Carly!

Alyssa J Freitas

Thank you for sharing all of these great links! A heads up that the link to the Casey video within the description text actually links to the lady in pink video


Love love love the shirt dress!! I think I’ll definitely have to add that to my closet!

Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Love the Do What You Can’t video! Saw it shared around Facebook 🙂 // I haven’t seen that NY Times essay, but I just read it and omg… :’)? :'(? <3 // Wild blueberry lavender ice cream sounds sooo good. Just yesterday I went to a coffee shop I hadn't gone to in a long time and ordered a blueberry mocha off their seasonal menu. It was so delicious!! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s