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I’m writing this in the Charleston airport with slightly sunburned shoulders. I’m quite sad about returning to Connecticut, but I miss those pups too much not to return. I had a great couple of days in the south, and it’s always so hard to say goodbye to my friends there. Luckily, it’s a short flight, and I often can book using my Jetblue miles (woo!), so I’m sure I’ll be back soon.


ONE // The Striped Bathing Suit!

You may have seen on my Instagram that the issue of StyleWatch that I’m in came out last week! I’m pretty proud of how it turned out. (Am I allowed to say that?!) I will say that it took a TEAM of people and bright lights and fancy cameras to look like that. It may not be retouched, but I’m, quite literally, shown in the best light possible. I had two girls hand painting body makeup/tanner on me, three makeup artists working their magic, two hair stylists cajoling my hair into place, and an on-set seamstress tweaking the suit to make it fit perfectly. I can assure you this is not how I look when I’m actually on the beach. But you better believe I’ll be showing this photo to my grandkids in my old age, hehe.

I did want to let you know that the bathing suit is on sale again this week during the Tory Burch spring sale! (Here’s the skirt too.) If you like a flirty-but-still-kind-of-modest bathing suit, I can’t recommend it enough. I feel amazing when I wear it and how often can that be said about a bathing suit?

TWO // Michelle Phan, Why I Had To Leave Everything & Start Over

Feeling frustrated at the end of the week? I thought this was a great and inspiring read about Michelle Phan. I’ve always found Michelle Phan to be a hardworking businesswoman, and her perspective on success and failure was eye-opening. 

THREE // Simone Biles Dances to “How Far I’ll Go”

Apparently, I can’t do an On My Radar post without including a reference to Moana anymore. (How many times can I get away with this before you completely stop reading… I just love the movie and soundtrack so much.) For Dancing with the Stars Disney night, Simone Biles (love her!) danced to “How Far I’ll Go.” But Auli’i Cravalho (love her too!) sang it live so it’s 10x better than you can even imagine.

FOUR // Margaux Flats

While I was in Charleston, I did some window shopping. (I brought a carry-on and had no room for purchases!) I tried on these adorable linen flats because I thought they were just a great neutral, beautiful ballet flat. I wasn’t expecting them to be any different than a regular ballet flat, but OMG they are comfortable. So much cushion in the sole of the shoe. Felt closer to a casual sneaker than a flat! They’re a little on the pricier side, but I had to share in case you need a great shoe for work (or fun). I think I’m going to get a pair or two for walking around Paris! (You can even get them made to measure for your foot!)

FIVE // Cardboard Cutout

Cardboard cutouts of people (and pets) never fail to make me laugh. Well, this mom got the last laugh when her son gave her a cutout of himself before he went off to college. She’s been taking hilarious photos of the cutout all over town doing the funniest things. 

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Congrats on the magazine feature!! Wow, I am so in love with my those shoes! In love. I wonder if they ever go on sale?

Great read on Michelle Phan too. Lots to gobble up in this post!

Jordana @WhiteCabana

Ha ha ha…the cardboard cutout! Awesome! You look great in the Style Watch feature. Congrats! The photoshoot must have been a fun time! Have a great weekend, Carly.

Ally R.

I would 100% recommend getting a comfortable pair of flats for a trip abroad. They allow you to be comfortable and not look like “an American”. I found Tieks by Gavrieli before my summer abroad and my feet thanked me the entire trip!! The mold to your feet and the quality holds up. I have had mine for 4 years now and they still look brand new!


Ooh, those flats might be my next purchase! I work on the production side of a week-long event every year for work and am always looking for a super comfortable shoe that’s also cute. Love these!

Briana |

Katie McC | Katie's Kronicles

Wow so much went into that shoot. You look gorgeous by the way (as always!). That is SO a photo I would show my grandkids and anyone who would look hahah! The cutout of the college student is hilarious! I love the one of him on his Valentines Day Date. Thanks for always finding the cool/interesing stuff around the internet.


A Girl, A Style

Carly, you look SO incredible here! It doesn’t matter if you had a team of makeup artists and fancy lighting; you worked your butt off in the gym for those abs and your confidence in your own skin is what makes you so beautiful.

Briony xx


Congrats on the magazine shoot!

I really liked the Michelle Phan article too. I feel like women today don’t like to talk about their business, money and failures- even though it’s very inspiring and educational to other women (and I’m sure men too).
Would you ever consider doing a business related/learning experiences post on the blog?