ON MY RADAR 4.12.24

One of the highlights of this week was the eclipse!! I felt like because we weren’t in the direct path that it might not be super special, but it blew me away! Mike and I went outside for it and then a couple of our neighbors came over to watch with us and we were all in awe. I think my favorite part was how it felt like a community event… schools here were let out early and there was definitely a bit of a collective buzz around town.

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Pickleball Backgammon

How freaking cute is this pickleball backgammon set? I’m plotting my return to the game with my friends (I took a winter hiatus due to weather/pregnancy/stress fracture). Of course, all these new pickleball related products are just enticing me even more. This backgammon set would be such a fun hostess gift if you’re staying with someone this summer or just want to treat yourself.

TWO // One Pan Lemon Pepper Yogurt Chicken and Rice Dish

I’m all about a one pan dish for meals at home and this one looks extra delicious. Jack loves anything with a lemon, so I know it would be a hit for him too. I pinned this for myself, but also wanted to share here because I know a lot of you love quick and easy dinners just as much as I do!

THREE // Gingham Top

This gingham top was an absolute staple for me last summer and I know I’m going to be reaching for it a ton this summer too. It’s nursing friendly, has a forgiving fit (true to size), and also can be styled with a myriad of bottoms. When I shared it on my story this week, it became the number one best seller of the week overnight!

FOUR // Turtles All the Way Down Trailer

For fans of John Green, I think you’ll be excited to see the trailer for the film adaptation of Turtles All the Way Down just dropped. It will be streaming on MAX May 2. I loved the book when I read it years ago (back in 2017, wow!) and I think the movie should be great, too.

FIVE // Teacher Promises an Eclipse Viewing Party… and Delivers

Okay, this story is just too good. I loved reading all the heartwarming stories about the solar eclipse, but this one was my favorite. Forty six years ago, a first year teacher was just 22 years old when he promised his ninth grade students that he would host an eclipse viewing party when the next solar eclipse happened…. in 2024! He made good on his promise and many of his students came back!! Talk about a special reunion!

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carlette hengst

You killed it today Carly! 5 for 5 awesome items. Thanks for starting my morning off right. Have a wonderful weekend.


If you can ever catch a total eclipse, you should! Being in the path of totality was such an amazing experience. Now I understand why people are eclipse chasers 🤣

Theresa Magliozzi

The eclipse story you shared making me cry! Also, I just love what you share. Everything I love about blogging when I started following them in 2008.