ON MY RADAR 5.26.23

Happy FRIDAY! Wow, I felt like we really earned this weekend after this week. I’m kind of crawling to the finish line here. Looking forward to a low-key weekend down the shore and, with any luck, we’ll be back in town for a fun day at our pond club on Monday which opens up for the season this weekend.

Here’s what’s been on my radar this weekend:

ONE // Luciana Emilia

Anyone have a very special occasion coming up?! I am lusting over the stunning new arrivals from Luciana Emilia. Every time the brand pops up on my Instagram explore page, I salivate over the stunning designs. They’re perfection– down to every last detail! Do I have an event to wear one to? No…. Are the dresses in my budget? Not exactly…. but swoon.

TWO // “There’s A Pattern for That”

Speaking of fancy dresses, I discovered this TikTok account that shares pattern matches for popular dress designs so you can recreate your favorites on your own. This Oscar de la Renta dress is another stunner that keeps popping up on my explore page and, um, it couldn’t be better. Should I attempt a recreation as my next sewing project?! Here’s the pattern recommended and I am loving this hydrangea fabric…. And if you’re more sane than I am and want a similar hydrangea dress without the price tag and without having to break out the sewing machine, try Reformation!

THREE // White Workout Tank

Our pond club decided we have to wear white (tbd on full whites or just white tops…) for pickleball and I am on the hunt for cute white workout tops. I have a couple white dresses ready to go, but sometimes I just want to wear shorts with a top. I have been obsessed with Abercrombie’s activewear lately– highly recommend checking it out (and they’re having a 20% off sale right now).

FOUR // Quality Beach Toys

WOW! I searched for a while looking for non junky, non “sad beige baby” beach toys for the summer and it was way harder than I expected. Jack loves playing in the sandbox in the park and I know he’s going to have a blast at the beach and the pond…. but I wanted to find toys that wouldn’t break after a week. I stumbled on this brand and promptly ordered. I am impressed. I love the bright (but not neon) colors and everything is so sturdy. Can’t wait to watch him play!

FIVE // Emma of 83rd

I saw this book recommendation in a Facebook group I am in and immediately added it to my TBR pile. I actually lived on E 83rd when I lived in NYC way back when so it especially stood out to me. It’s a modern retelling of Emma and seems like a nice, light summer read.

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Emma Balkin

I think that’s so cute that your pond club has a pickleball dress code! I love a uniform! I’ve been admiring workout tops from Athleta lately!


I got an ARC of Emma of 83rd Street, and I liked it a lot! I think Emma is one of the Austen stories that’s best for modern interpretations (like the all-time classic Clueless) because “rich girl makes a mess matchmaking her friend group” is so timeless.


THANK YOU for the sand toys recommendation. Ours from last summer were so junky that it felt almost like a waste. Ordering immediately!