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Ah! So much to say this week, I don’t even know where to start.

But I’ll start with something I’m excited about. The response to my post about homesickness was amazing– thank you guys so much for reaching out and letting me know you love it! After I had published it, the emails switched to “how do I make friends?” That is a tough one. Making friends, no matter your age, can be awkward and even intimidating… but it’s obviously worth getting over that first hump. I was thinking about how so many of you are going off to college right now (my biggest batch of readers for sure– some of whom have been reading since middle school!!!!) and I’m positive that there’s a LOT of overlap in the schools where you’re heading. SO. If you want to get connected with another TCP reader or two at your school, I’m going to compile a list and get everyone connected. (If you’re an upperclassman and would want to help freshmen out too, there will be a spot for that!)

You can sign up here… I’m going to keep the responses open for about a week or so and then I’ll reach out and start making the connections for you guys!

Rowayton Dog Park

I feel like I’ve been on auto-pilot for the past week. Last Thursday I spoke at a conference my friend hosted for marketers and the minute I stepped off the train into Grand Central I started feeling sick. I was praying it was the city air, but it was like someone was using a dimming switch on my energy. Of course, we were road tripping over to Indiana for the weekend, and it was such a busy/fun two days I’m not sure how I got through to the other side. (Actually, I do know: a LOT of cough drops.)

I’m heading into the city today for a staycation (you can follow along on The Smart Flyer’s Instagram) and… wait for it… Gar and I are going to see Hamilton on Saturday night!!!!!!! The play, not the pup; although how cute is he with that new haircut?! I splurged on the tickets as a(n early) birthday present to myself!

Okay… and here’s what has been on my radar:

ONE // Gilmore Girls Fan Fest

I’m so excited for the new Gilmore Girls special coming out on Netflix this fall, and I’m equally obsessed that this Connecticut town is hosting a fan fest. I’m going to be out of town that weekend, but I’m seriously reconsidering my schedule…

TWO // The Cutest Instagram Account

A mom has been dressing her baby up during naptime, and the result is amazingly cute. The poses are all so creative, too! I think that her Stranger Things photo is the best! (Anyone else watching?!)

THREE // Zac Efron Meets the Final Five

When Simone Biles said that Zac Efron was her crush, I was so, so hoping that NBC would make the meeting happen. It ended up being even better than I could have imagined. How sweet are they meeting him?! So fun!

FOUR // Pink Tweed Skirt

This may be my favorite “fall” purchase so far. It’s the perfect pink tweed. I have a fall post coming up next week, and this skirt was a must-have for the photos. I was most surprised by how much it goes with burgandy, cream, white, navy, gray…


This is one special kid. What a sweetheart. I cried and smiled equally throughout the whole video interview. His attitude is downright inspirational.

Anything great on your radar this week?

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Alyssa J Freitas

What a great idea to connect students! As a senior who works in res life, I have seen my fair share of new students begin to make friends and I am always happy to be part of that process

Tori A.

It’s so sweet that you’ve created that list for your college-aged readers to connect with one another! I’m sure that they all really appreciate you putting in the extra time and effort to do that!

Tori A. from Prep For A Day


Hi Carly,

This is such an amazing idea, but I was wondering if this was only open to US college students? I’m currently half-way through my second semester at an Australian university, would there be any point in me signing up?


I haven’t seen any Australian schools pop up, but definitely fill in the form in case other people fill it out in the next week or so!


Hey Joyce,

What school are you in? I have just moved on to my postgrad at an Australian school, and yes, it can still be daunting to make new friends, after everyone moved on (and away) from their undergrad degres :)!


Hi Christine,

I’m at the university of Sydney, but am thinking about transferring to ANU. What about you? And congrats on starting postgrad!


I’m in fact one of those since middle school readers! Now as a freshman in college, I’m finding your old college posts so helpful. Thank you for putting the list together. It’s hard making friends and I would love to meet some TCP readers like me.

Grace Anne

Wasn’t the video of the girls with Zac Efron just the cutest thing ever? Loved it. And that’s so awesome that you get to go to Hamilton!!!! So jealous!


I might have squealed aloud when I read about Gilmore Girls fan fest on HelloGiggles! (And got really emotional about the fact that they’re raising money to buy the town a Stars Hollow gazebo????) I desperately want to go, but it’s not in my budget. If there are other TCP readers going, maybe they could be kind use a special hashtag so those of us that can’t can live vicariously through them?


Your connecting resource is amazing! What a great way to help your readers. I’m well out of college but would have loved this when I went to school.

Tracy Schwartz

That is so awesome what you are doing for the Freshman going to college. I remember how hard it was to make friends in a new city and new state. I went to school in RI and loved my four years!

Zac Efron video was so cute meeting the Final Five. Sad to think next Olympics will only have 4 members. And Marta not being there.

Have a fun Staycation. I love Smart Flyer!


I love how even though you are a couple of year removed from the college life, you are still trying to help girls going to college!


I love this idea! I wish that it could be done for grad students too. I just moved to Texas for graduate school and don’t know anyone and think that this would really help!


Thanks for the Tip on the GG fan fest! I just moved to CT in April and I’ve been having trouble finding things to do (and meeting people, too!).

xoxo NP


Such a cool idea! Would have loved that when I was in undergrad, so thoughtful!

It’s a bit weird to actually be too old for something #gradschool


I was so excited to hear about the GG fan fest! I wish it wasn’t Thanksgiving weekend though – it’s so much tougher to travel away from home that weekend!