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Did anyone else feel like this was the longest week ever? On Tuesday, I was convinced it was Thursday!!! On top of my regular work, I did some little sprucing up around my apartment. I do weekly deep cleans and daily tidying, but I had been neglecting little things. I got a few cabinets in my kitchen back under control (including the dogs’ cabinet which was a nightmare), picked out new pillows and a duvet, replaced the living room rug, and got a new vacuum. I was honestly most excited about the vacuum… I had a feeling my old one wasn’t doing a good job, and I was RIGHT. It was crazy to see what the new one picked up. (It was actually pretty repulsive when I realized the difference.)

As if my new vacuum wasn’t exciting enough (haha), I also found out I was verified on Instagram. I’ve been trying to get it for months, going down as many avenues as possible. Over the past two weeks, I decided to throw every idea I could against the wall to see what would stick and something must have, although I don’t know which did. (Pretty sure it’s either through my manager asking someone or my friend’s husband asking someone.) The funny part is that I had all but given up. On Wednesday, I messaged my manager saying I didn’t think it was going to happen, that my window of opportunity had closed. But, all hope was not lost, and it happened! Woo!


Wearing: Gingham Maxi Dress (love this one too) + Similar Necklace

Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // “She’s a Blind YouTuber”

You know I love Casey Neistat! I would recommend watching all of his videos, but if you only watch one, make it this. Casey teamed up with Molly Burke, a blind YouTuber, and the result is a video that is as touching as it is interesting. I appreciated that Casey was so candid with his questions and Molly with her answers because he asked a lot of things I was wondering too… like, how does she know she’s not getting overcharged!

TWO // Positive Dating Outlook

loved this piece from Refinery29 about having a positive outlook while dating. I think dating in this day and age has a terrible reputation and for a good reason. However, I don’t believe that it’s impossible. I touched on my own dating advice in this Youtube video and, for me, it all boils down to attitude.

THREE // Margaux’s New Slingback

After visiting the Margaux pop up shop on Nantucket two weeks ago, I added two more of their flats to my collection. They truly perfected the ballet flat. Well, now I’m lusting over this gorgeous slingback they just released.

FOUR // 7-Year-Old Interviews Katy Perry

How absolutely sweet is this interview between Katy Perry and seven-year-old Poppy. I loved the questions they asked each other. The conversation was sweet and positive and don’t you think the world needs more of that?

FIVE // KJP’s New Dress Line

OMG! KJP just launched a line of new dresses. I love love love their scallop collar shirtdresses so I know I’m just going to love the shifts. The hydrangea print is perfect.

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Alex C.

Oh my goodness, the KJP dress is to die for. The striped dresses on the site are just as cute. And I love the piece on dating attitude; I totally agree that dating has become so complicated recently. I think this was the most shocking thing I’ve realized at college! I’m in a good relationship now but I can’t believe the things my single friends are having to deal with in terms of dating.
Alex //

Terese Blanchard

I love your style! I would really enjoy reading about your outfit ideas for a “casual” day. I have two young sons that I chase after all day and I am in need of some new outfit ideas/pieces that I can throw on and look put together. Just a thought!

Tiffany Johnson

Congrats on getting verified! The lobster photo made me laugh when I opened my inbox – so cute. 😀 Funny thing – I just bought a new rug and a vacuum, too. “You know you’re an adult when…” right? Have a great weekend!


I know you’ve done your research… how’s the new vacuum?! I need a new one too and now you have me rethinking my original pick!

Thanks for letting us follow around!