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I spent the weekend celebrating my grandma’s ninetieth birthday in Tampa with almost the entire family. It was fun to catch up with one of my cousins whom I haven’t seen in years and to see my grandma surrounded by her children and friends. (My grandma definitely has more friends than I do, by the way; I don’t think I could even come up with a list that big for a wedding!)


This On My Radar post is coming a little early because tomorrow is my birthday, so I have a different post planned.

ONE // Hurricane Harvey

I had a long and great conversation with a friend about social media and horrific current events. I historically have never posted about any current events because I never know where to draw the line. If I post about one event, and not about another… what does that mean? That I care about one issue more than another or one group of people more than another? (For example, if I post about the flooding in Houston and ignore, on social at least, that there is also horrific flooding in South Asia, do I not have sympathy for those on the other side of the world?) The truth is that my heart breaks whenever I hear about hurting people. I do what I can, but posting an Instagram story with a hashtag feels more like a societal pressure than actual compassion.

One thing that is important, regardless of social media, is doing the proper research on how to help. There is a lot of marketing that happens when disasters strike so make sure you look into every organization, so your donations make the biggest impact possible. My friend who works for FEMA shared some great organizations, and I appreciated her thoughtful research. Her biggest reminder was to avoid physical donations and to stick to financial donations to reputable companies who know exactly what to do with your money. Americares and Direct Relief were her top two recommendations. For local organizations: Houston SPCA, Houston Food Bank, and United Way of Greater Houston.

TWO // College Roommates’ Parent Trap Moment

A reader tweeted this to me because she knows how much I love The Parent Trap. The story isn’t quite like two bunkmates realizing that they’re twins, but it’s close! Two college roommates discover that their moms were best friends… and they even have pictures of them playing together as babies. The world is so small!

THREE // Brooks Brothers Red Fleece Fall

We had our first truly crisp morning this week. I walked the dogs in jeans, a sweatshirt, and a puffer vest. I love fall, but I’m hanging onto summer for dear life! Despite my reluctance for cooler weather (just yet at least), I can’t help but longingly eye Brooks Brothers new arrivals. The fair isle… I can’t resist!!!!!!!!

FOUR // “High Tech” Toys

My sister and I filmed a Sister Tag video, and we’ve been trying to figure out this one toy that we had. It was like a texting beeper thingamajig but before cell phones. I was Googling some things but couldn’t find it. Instead, I discovered this GEM of an article about toys from the 90s that we thought were legit high tech.

FIVE // J. Crew Factory New Arrivals

I know I keep posting about J. Crew Factory, but the new arrivals right now are ah-mazing. This plaid dress, this striped cuff sleeve shirt, this striped ruffle sleeve sweater, and this plaid skirt!

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Ashley Chabaud

Thank you so much for posting about Hurricane Harvey and local organizations where people can make donations. My sweet pup Archie is from the Houston SPCA and they are a fantastic organization (as are the Houston Food Bank and the United Way of Greater Houston). Houston, and all of the Texas Gulf Coast, needs all the support we can get right now. So, thank you!!


loved the beeper part of the video! were they called chat nows? my sister and i had those 🙂

Kristen from Pugs & Pearls

When I saw this post in my Bloglovin feed, I was like “What day is it?!” – On My Radar posts are the first thing I read Friday morning! Anyways I appreciate your thoughts on posting about natural disasters. Sometimes it really does seem like social pressure rather than actual sympathy.


I absolutely agree about social media and major world events/disasters. I am always hesitant to post because I don’t want to pick and choose which issues are “deserving” or appear that I only care about certain issues. If we tried to highlight all worthy causes and major world events it would be all we post because the list is never ending. The important thing is that we acknowledge there are issues and do what we can to help.

Taylor |


Totally understand not posting about current events but readers really rely on influences like you to put out accurate information in a timely manner. While yes, there is always backlash, I would hope you would think the backlash was worth it to inform and save lives of those living in Houston. If younger people are reading your blog, it’s important to get this info out there because they may not be consuming a lot of news otherwise!


I’m going to respectfully disagree only because I’m not an expert or a news source. I think it would actually be irresponsible to assume otherwise. The best information, regarding safety, is always going to come locally from government officials and reputable news sources.

Always happy to share well-vetted and established organizations that help.


When I saw this post, my heart skipped a beat because I thought it was somehow Friday and I was missing a meeting! Happy almost birthday 🙂

Alicia Mae

Houstonian here. I think your approach to Hurricane Harvey/other horrific current events is pragmatic and makes a lot of sense, Carly.

I appreciate you mentioning that people should double check where they donate their money to, because that is such a good point. And I can say that the Houston Food Bank is a really lovely organization! I’ve done a lot of work with them in the past and they really care about our community.

Thanks to everyone who’s helped out in a small or large way ❤

Shannon L Mahaney

Thank you for sharing the information on how to help with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. It’s been weighing heavy on my heart a lot lately and I’ve been going back and forth and what I can do to help.


Carly, thanks for posting about Hurricane Harvey. I completely understand not wanting to comment, but living in Houston it is so heart warming to see how everyone is reaching out to help. Every little bit matters!

Your sister tag video was a welcome break from the past few days. My family had similar texting pagers – ours were Blackberry RIM pagers! I felt so cool using them back in the day!


I love your ‘On my Radar’ posts. Dying over the Brooks Brothers (those blazers!!!) and J.Crew Factory (def ordering the flannel) pieces.

Also, loving the dress you are wearing on your grandma’s birthday. So classy! Is it by Tory?

Tiffany Johnson

Happy early birthday!! You and I should trade locations for the weekend – I’m dying for some cooler weather. We are currently in a heat wave and it’s 107 today.

Jenny Kokai

I have never commented before, but I remember celebrating MY grandma’s 90th birthday in Tampa. We had a party for her at Bern’s Steakhouse. My grandmother was the life of the party and the light of my life. She passed away a few years ago and I’m still trying to get over it. I’m glad you got to celebrate your grandma.


Really relate to your POV on Harvey and other natural disasters– thank you for your thoughtful approach– it’s refreshing!


I greatly appreciated your thoughts on social media and current (often heartbreaking) events. I often feel disappointed when I scroll through social media and see bloggers I admire remaining silent on things like Harvey or DACA and instead continuing with regularly scheduled programming. Your insight was very enlightening and helped me see that they could be choosing to separate their work life and personal thoughts on current events, which I totally understand. Thank you for taking the time to explain this–you definitely did not have to and I really appreciate it!