ON MY RADAR 6.21.24

This week nearly did me in! We had a great weekend down the shore, but it’s just so much more exhausting as a mom. I would love to sit on the beach with a book…. but motherhood has different plans! Like a lot of the country, we also had a heat wave hit us and, woof, it was not fun. Unless you ask Jack who had tons of water play at daycare… he had a blast!

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Styling with Kenzie

I CANNOT get enough of Styling with Kenzie on TikTok. I’m waiting for Kenzie to get her on television show. 1) She’s insanely talented. The way she styles her clients is next freaking level. And 2) the production quality of the videos feel like they are already a television show! I have been looking for a local stylist, but haven’t found someone who is styling like this. She is GOOD.

TWO // Lingua Franca Sweatshirts

Lingua Franca has taken their ever popular cashmere sweater concept and brought it to sweatshirts. Such a fun new product line for them. Did I order one? Absolutely. I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to do– I went back and forth a number of times before I settled on a phrase. I am excited to see how it goes!

THREE // Elin Hilderbrand on Swan Song

Anyone else reading Swan Song? Elin has been on her media junket game to promote her latest book and I’m loving all the interviews. While this is technically her “retirement,” she’s really only retiring from her current cadence and possibly genre? I cannot wait to see what else she has up her sleeve! Her books really do transport you!

FOUR // Fancy Clutch Needlepoint

WOW. I have put myself on a ban from needlepoint purchases until I finish Rory’s stocking. (I’m chugging along…) I am going to be using this self finishing clutch as a good bribe to keep going on the stocking. It’s so cute and genius.

FIVE // Books, Beach, and Beyond with Sarah Jessica Parker

Speaking of Elin Hilderbrand, her podcast with Tim Talks Books is back for season two. I mean, episode number one’s guest is SJP! WHAT! Sarah Jessica Parker!!! I absolutely loved this episode. I originally listened to it while driving and had to do a re-listen with a notepad so I could jot down all the great book recommendations.

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