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This week was AWESOME. Just so much fun from the very beginning. The fun kicked off with a trip to the US Open. I have never been, and when Chase reached out with an invite, I said “yes!” as fast as I could. After having so much fun, I’m kicking myself for taking four years of living in the area to go. It was super hot, but I’m looking into tickets to a night match asap! I’m dying to get back out there.

If you’re planning on going, some tips:

1. Wear a ton of sunscreen, bring a hat, and pick an outfit that doesn’t show a lot of sweat. Trust me on this one ?

2. Plan how you’re going to get there in advance. I recommend taking the train if you can, but Gar and I drove since we were coming from Connecticut. We planned it so we’d be arriving at an “off peak” time (right after lunch) and had zero traffic getting into the parking. I can’t imagine the chaos if we had been going right when they opened or right before the night matches. I will say that I was blown away by the entire staff; everyone was above and beyond friendly and helpful.

3. Consider a lounge. We went with Chase and had access to their lounge– it was so nice having an air-conditioned space to cool off in, reapply sunscreen, get a water or two and watch a match on television. (Did I mention that it was hot out there!?) Chase also had devices called Charge and Watch that charged your phone and allowed you to stream all the matches… it was so cool and the battery charging was a game changer (pun intended).

What to wear to the US Open

Peter Beaton Hat + Sunglasses + Dress (c/o and on sale!!)

After the US Open, we picked my mom up from the airport! She flew into town for my birthday. We didn’t have anything planned, and it was nice just to relax and catch up. We did a lot of shopping and chatting! The best birthday gift.

I am kind of looking forward to a rainy long weekend… I have a lot to catch up on work-wise. (And the apartment could use a good scrubbing.) Hope everyone enjoys their Labor Day!

Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // Good Sports

My heart was so warmed watching this video of youth soccer players consoling their opponents after a game. This is no high five and walk away kind of situation… these kids really cared. You can just tell. (The boy rubbing the other one’s hair is the point when I seriously started to tear up.) The best part is that you know they learned it from great coaches and parents. Bravo

TWO // Fun Facts about A Walk to Remember

Best Buzzfeed listicle ever? I think yes. Cue all the memories and emotions. I love A Walk to Remember and I thought I knew everything about it, but I still learned a few things! It’s such a good movie; now I’m dying to watch it again.

THREE // Draper James’ Tailgate Collection

Reese Witherspoon knocked it out of the park with her tailgate collection. The tailgate sweater is my favorite; it has a little “go y’all” pom pom pin on it!

FOUR // Grace VanderWaal and Teen Vogue

Remember Grace VanderWaal from America’s Got Talent (she was the one they dubbed the next Taylor Swift)? Well, she filmed the sweetest video with Teen Vogue. It’s shot in such a beautiful way, and I love that they show her as just being a kid. Her personality shines.

FIVE // Inside Glossier

I’ve been seeing a lot of hype around the beauty brand Glossier over the past year or so, but after reading this article, I jumped on the bandwagon. I ordered the concealer and a lipstick… can’t wait to report back!

Anything great on your radar this week?

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