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I’m currently in Georgetown for an event with Tuckernuck (it went great), and the weather is so perfect. Whenever I visit, I wonder why on earth I didn’t consider living here after college. I think I was just so ready to leave that I didn’t bother to consider that it might be different to live here without being a student, you know?

More on that later, but for now… I have to share this outfit I wore last week. I was doing a sponsored Insta campaign with Old Navy and got to pick out my outfit for the day. Not going to lie, I’m obsessed with how it turned out. Sometimes it can be a challenge to pick things out online ahead of time. You never know how it’s actually going to look together when it shows up. These. Pants. Are. Everything. They’re super comfortable but would totally work for a holiday party if you want something a little fancy without wearing a dress.

If you’re in between sizes, I’d size up. I wasn’t sure what size to get and ended up going for the 0 (for comparison I am normally a 25 or 00/0 in pants from J. Crew). The pants felt super tight when I first got them, but after an hour they stretched out just enough. I think if you went a full size up, they’d stretch out too much as you wore them.

Old Navy

Top is sold out // Pants (c/o) // Shoes (c/o)

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Harry Styles Concert

Do you guys watch Zoella’s Youtube channel? I love her and her boyfriend, Alfie. I sometimes watch his vlogs, and I’m so glad that I caught this one! He went to a Harry Styles concert in London and captured some highlights from a Harry Styles concert. I almost went to an HS concert in NYC, but the tickets were insanely expensive (when Hamilton is cheaper, you know it’s extra nuts!). I also am not much of a concert person since I’m not the biggest fan of loud noises or crowded places. Watching his concert clips made me REALLY wish I had gone though. UGH. Harry, you are perfect.

TWO // Daphne’s Halloween Costume

My friend Daphne and her boyfriend had THE BEST Halloween costumes of all time. They nailed every element of those costumes, from the hair to the shoes to the pose. And then add in the fact that the backdrop is downright dreamy and you have yourself a picture-perfect costume.

THREE // Selena Gomez’s Kidney Transplant

Have you been following Selena Gomez’s journey with lupus? She’s been facing the quite the health challenge lately, but recently underwent a kidney translate. Her friend (and actress, any Secret Life of the American Teenager fans out there?) donated a kidney, and they’ve been using their platform to discuss organ donation. It truly is a lifesaving decision, and the list is insanely long. Even if you’re unsure of how you can help, consider becoming an organ donor. I have a couple of friends whose lives have been saved from organ donation– it’s truly a gift of life.

FOUR // Black Bow Clutch

This black bow clutch is kind of everything. So perfect for holiday parties. It also comes in a festive red. Which to choose, which to choose?

FIVE // Sweetest Engagement

I’m a sucker for good engagement videos– I think this one is in the top five of my favorites. Wow!!! These kids are just the sweetest. You could feel their genuine excitement, and their love, and their pure emotion at the end. One word: waterworks!

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I love DC – I just got back from a trip there last week, and could totally see myself living there someday! I had an amazing dinner at Fishers Farmers Bakers on the Georgetown waterfront/riverfront area.

Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

(oh & something else: In your previous post you mentioned your digital consultant and analytics report; I’d love to read more about the technical behind the scenes of blogging (not as much about the stuff that’s like “This isn’t real life. There’s other stuff outside of the crop.”) (Also thank you for your sharing such a personal experience in that previous post, for being so honest and vulnerable, and for being so eloquent.) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


I had just done my makeup and had to reapply after watching the engagement video. The sweetest thing ever!


The Harry Styles vortex has sucked me in GOOD ever since his solo album came out… To get the best fixes, follow @harrydailyupdates on IG (I don’t know who runs it or anything, it’s just the best one I’ve found), you can live vicariously through others at his concerts!