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Instead of recapping my week (which was the same as every other week pretty much: workouts and working!), I’d love just to ask you guys what type of “gift” content you want to see in the coming weeks. I’ve started my shopping list (it’s looking good) for my family, and I’m already getting emails and DMs about gift guides. I just want to make sure I’m putting together content you’re interested. Even if you’re not a usual commenter, please do feel free to leave one today! My plan is to kind of cut the “BS” out of gift guides, like just give you the ideas and not do 400 photos of me in a red dress, ya know? It’s a win/win for both of us, right?


Loved this lit sign outside of Athleta!

Eight things on my radar this week… ready, set, GO!

ONE // Customizable Sperry Saltwater Boots

Guys, I love my Bean Boots (and they’re 25% off through Tuesday!), but I also couldn’t resist sharing this discovery. Sperry’s Saltwater boots are now customizable. You can pick your colors and even add a monogram!

TWO // Things to Know During a Home Renovation

I haven’t purchased a house (yet), but I’ve definitely filed Jillian Harris’ tips about home renovation away for future reference. I would never have thought of some of these.

THREE // Cutest Macarons Ever

Wow, these are the cutest macarons that I’ve ever seen. The detail that she puts into the tiny treats makes them look too good to eat!

FOUR // Jennifer Lawrence Interviews Kim K

Jennifer Lawrence was a guest host on Jimmy Kimmel, and she pretty much nailed her interview with Kim K. Like, she totally asked the questions no one else would dare to!

FIVE // J. Crew is Casting!

Did you catch my post earlier this week with all my faves from J. Crew? Well, even better news, they’re doing a social campaign to cast their next models… all you have to do is hashtag #castmejcrew and #contest on Insta! No joke, that’s my dream.

SIX // A Whole New World

Claire Crosby (that adorable 4-year-old singer) did a little music video with her dad and Disney world. It might just be the cutest music video in existence!

SEVEN // Embroidered Bow Button Down

Loving this embroidered bow button down from Draper James. The red bows are perfect for the holidays but don’t totally scream #Christmas.

Use “CarlythePrepster20” for 20% off full price items (one-time use).

EIGHT // Jimmy Kimmel’s Daughter

I’m sure Jimmy Kimmel has been waiting to try out his Halloween candy prank on his own daughter. It’s a little anticlimactic, but that’s what makes it so sweet.

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Yes! Gifts for boyfriends, and especially – gifts for boyfriends’ parents, siblings, etc! This is where I’m stuck!


Hey Carly! I love doing gift boxes for family and friends but I always run out of ideas, and most of the items in the box end up being food, LOL. Can you do a guide on gift boxes? Sort of like the fabfitfun boxes, or what you did here for Meesh:

Also, maybe do a post on gift (or gift giving) etiquette? That would be unique and helpful.


Hi! I’d love to see gifts for teenagers on a gift guide! I’m fifteen and I can’t think of anything to get my friends!


One thing I find difficult about shopping for family & friends is that I’d like to get them something useful – that they’d actually use, and that’s really hard! I hate just buying chocolates or some generic gift. So maybe a useful gifts guide would be good.

Sue Givens

I second the useful gift guide.

I would also like to ask for a gift guide that is more experience or service based instead yet more stuff.

I love your blog and I look forward to it everyday. It’s a little break in my work day.


I’d love a gift guide for moms, as well as for college friends. My friends don’t drink and I feel like a lot of cute (read: affordable) gifts revolve around wine glasses, wine, “mimosas and brunch”, etc. Fun things – just not for my girl gang.


Gift guide for the working 20-something who already has it all! Work coat, Apple Watch, work bag, workout clothing etc. Totally a #firstworldprobs thing but hoping you can help!


As far as Gift Guide content and ideas go, I’d love to see a section for books! Most gift guides I see online are full of impractical, expensive things I would never buy. I’d like to finally see one that’s relatable.


I would love to see gifts in groupings for guys, kids, men, women, teens, etc. Also gifts grouped by $25, $50, $100, $200, $500, etc. Oh, and a Christmas decorating post!


Actually, I like the “yourself” category. I’m always stumped when people ask me what I want.


Unique gifts for boyfriends! I feel like I’ve done a lot of the typical girlfriend gifts (wallet, sunglasses, etc.) and I want to try something a bit different this year, while at the same time getting him something he’ll actually want and use. Also, those macarons are actually the cutest things I have ever seen. Thanks! 🙂


Gift guide for the boss. Not sure if people in other fields necessarily get their bosses something, but an affordable list would be helpful!


I know this might be a little tough since it sort of depends on where you live, but I’d love to see an “experiential” gift guide! My closest loved ones already have all the objects they need, and I’d love to get ideas for experiences to gift them!

Nicole Karl

Hi Carly! I’d love to see a “cute but practical” gift guide for my girlfriends. Whether it’s kitchen gadgets that you never knew you needed, or a piece of clothing that you always find yourself reaching for, or books you recently discovered, I’d like to break away from the “candles and socks” safety net. 🙂 Thanks!

Lauren H

Hi Carly, I was just thinking how excited I am for you to post your gift guides this year. I am looking for gifts for friends under $50 or under $25. Also I’d love a list of easy DIY gifts, like chocolate covered pretzels, to give someone a meaningful gift that won’t break the bank. Thanks!!


I love this and love your gift guides! To echo a few of the above, I think we see the same items making their rounds in across the internet, so it would be nice to get a fresh perspective! I feel like I do the same sentimental gifts each time around – a photo book, a personalized frame or wallet, things like that. Anything unique – whether practical or a luxury – would be awesome! I feel like as we get older, my friends, boyfriend, siblings, etc., just buy the things they want as the year goes, so I’m always looking for something special.


I would love to see a gift guide for things under $25! Around the holidays I’m always in need of smaller gift ideas for Secret Santa exchanges.


Hi Carly,

I would like to see an affordable guide guide for family (mom, dad, brother, etc). Each year it gets harder to find gifts that not only my family members will love but that also have meaning. Hope to see this in the upcoming posts. Happy Friday! 😊


I’d love a gift guide for siblings! I’ve got a 23 year old brother who is nearly impossible to shop for. I want to get him something useful, but fun.


Hey Carly!
I’d love to see gifts for guys, fitness gifts, sustainable/”do-good” gifts that come from shops with a great business model.

Erin Lucy

I would be really interested in gift guides for the people you may not know super well but may want to or are obligated to give gifts to. So friends/co-workers, bosses, professors and ‘in-laws’. I always struggle most with these and there aren’t a ton of guides out there.



I really liked how you did your gift guides last year! Some new ideas for girls and guys would be awesome, and I especially loved your post about gifts under $25 and $50. It would be great to see one for more “generic” gifts/Secret Santa type things that anyone could enjoy, too!


My husband and kids try and give experiences as a gift instead of “normal” gifts! Anything from escape room experience, candlemaking classes, brew tours, cooking classes etc. etc. etc. would love some more ideas that build our family bonding instead of just contributing to the commercialization of the holidays 😉

Alissa S.

I’d love to see gift guides with different price points: $25, $50, etc. for men and women. You always have the best gift guides and love that they aren’t all crazy expensive.


I would love to see gift guides for your guy (because I never know what to buy my husband), gifts under $75, and then simple gifts that work for everyone (like coworkers, mailman, not as close friends, etc.) Love your content!


Hi Carly! Thanks for asking our input!

I read through the comments and I don’t think this one came up – grandparents! I usually do something sentimental, but I’ve fresh out of ideas for this year.

Looking forward to whichever ones you do! 🙂


Some sort of dialogue about gifting among co-workers would be very much appreciated! One of the adult-world things I wasn’t prepared for.


Boyfriend! But gifts that aren’t just watches, Patagonia vests, J. Crew clothing, etc…things like home decor, bar & cookware tools, men’s grooming, books, etc.! Also, boyfriend’s parents!! So happy the holidays are finally here!!!


Would love to see a gift guide for women with girlfriends, like significant other girlfriends, again this year! Totally warmed my heart/made me feel so included to see it last year 🙂

And also in-laws – so tricky!


I’d love ideas for gifts to give my new-ish boyfriend! Something casual and fun but not crazy expensive!


Second the boyfriend and boyfriends parents for sure!
Also a gift guide for colleges or senior professionals would be so helpful!

Ashley S.

I love gift guides but prefer when they’re broken up, and don’t have more than 8-10 items suggested. It can get overwhelming and seem like people are just doing it for the “clicks.” I’d love to see guides that feature more experiences to give, like tickets to a show or a subscription service that they can get all year. Also, probably just 1-2 guides a week. Some bloggers seem to have a new one each day leading up to Christmas…it’s overload!


Guy gifts! Husband/dad/brother. None of them need anything, none of them are stylish. All are impossible to buy for!!


I would love to see one for self, in reasonable prices! I am a college student who loves holiday festivities, but I always have trouble coming up with what I want (and feel like I deserve. My parents are already spending so much on my tuition, and I do not want to ask for much), and could actually use after the holiday season.

Also, ideas for holiday activities and ways to give back to the community!

Maybe a workout guide for after consuming all those holiday treats? Or perhaps realistic and interesting resolution ideas?

Thanks Carly!


I’d love to see a gift guide/tips for “experience” gifts. My brother and sister-in-law don’t like stuff and always ask for tickets, etc.


My friends and I are in grad school so we can’t spend super a lot on gifts, and we typically spend under $20-$25 on gifts, so that would be great to see!


I’d love to see gift guides for guys in general! My dad and my fiancee are the two hardest people on my list to shop for. Also little stocking stuffers that are under $25, I’m always lost as to what to add into those.

I so appreciate that you ask us these questions, I feel like every blogger does the same gift guides every year and they’re not super helpful. I also trust your picks because I know they’ll be great!


I would love to see gift guides for various “groups” of people (Ex: girls, boys, men, women, teens, etc.) under $25. Thanks!