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Happy Friday everyone! I’m currently in Vermont, and…. omg, I just love it here. It’s reinvigorated my hunt for a little house up here. (My friend Abby recently posted a tour of her Vermont house, and it’s everything that I’ve dreamed of.) I know a lot of people want to retire someplace warm like Florida, but Vermont has a piece of my heart for sure.

Now, the funny thing is that I told myself once Christmas was over that I was NOT going to complain about the cold and winter. “This is going to be the year,” I convinced myself, “that I fully embrace the winter months.” December usually doesn’t bother me because everything is so festive with the holidays. I start to get a little itchy for sunlight around mid-January. But, again, I’m not going to fall into that this year. This whole bomb cyclone though seems like the universe’s little joke on me!

I will be embracing the winter with the coziest of blankets, endless pots of tea, Vitamin D supplements, and books to read. (Basically my own interpretation of hygge.) So winter? I’m ready for you.

ONE // The New American Girl Doll

A few readers sent me articles about the newest American Girl Doll… she seems like such a great doll! I mean, that spacesuit?! I kind of want it for myself now. (I definitely played with dolls longer than it was socially acceptable; my Samantha doll was a cherished treasure of mine.)

TWO // Elle of the Mills

After Casey Neistat gave Elle of the Mills a Youtube shoutout, I’ve been catching up with her videos. She is a hilarious Youtuber with super creative videos. I keep sending the videos to friends, and I have to share one with you today… She invited all of her brother’s ex-girlfriends over for a SLEEPOVER. I could not stop laughing.

THREE // Teca Windbreaker

I’ve put myself on a pretty strict no-shopping rule for the next few weeks because of all my holiday gift buying. I did stumble on this windbreaker though, and I love the colors! If anyone’s in the market for a retro color-blocked windbreaker, this one’s for you!

FOUR // Bon Appétit’s Youtube Channel

While I took some time off between Christmas and New Year’s, I did a lot of reading, and I watched a few too many Youtube videos. I was introduced to Bon Appétit’s channel and, omg, I love it. The videos are entertaining and interesting. The only problem is that it makes me want to bake all day every day. My favorite chef is Claire… I’ve been working my way through her videos (like this one where she makes gourmet Gushers).

FIVE // Bulldog Playing the Reindeer Game

We played this inflatable reindeer toss game a bunch over Christmas. (It was hilarious; highly recommend.) Then this video of this little bulldog playing the game brought a smile to my face.

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Have an amazing time and enjoy the Canadian games 😉
Hugs from a fan from Canada:)


It’s pretty chilly right now, even by Vermont winter standards! I was talking to the head of Jay Peak this morning and he said the wind and windchill are not not safe for skiing right now. Hopefully it’s a little better in Stowe!


You are just so sweet Carly!

And it’s true, the minute you embrace winter it really is the best! We look forward to it now like we look forward to summer! Never thought that would be the case – Vermont will do that to a person! xoxo


I feel like he complete opposite of you. Cold is my favourite and I would ski summer every year if that was possible. I cannot take hot weather and I think global warming hurts me twice as bad (would be glad if it was at least a global freezing haha). The only thing that makes me feel kind of depressed is that it’s so dark during winter – I wake up and it’s black dark and also the same thing around 4 pm already 🙁

With kindness,


I fell into a Bon Appetit black hole last weekend and watched that same Gushers video. So good! If you haven’t seen the Back to Back Chef series, definitely check it out.

briana |


I played with American Girl Dolls a lot longer than was socially acceptable too! I kind of want the new one as well 😉


I’ve been obsessed with Elle of the Mills ever since Casey’s shout out too! She is so stinkin’ funny.

Can’t wait to check out Bon Appétit’s channel now!