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This was the first week after the holidays where I felt like I am 100% back to my regular groove. I love a good routine, so it feels amazing! Even though we’re only a couple of weeks into 2018, I feel like so much has already happened. I have a good feeling about this year!!

Vintage Ski

Before we jump into the full On My Radar post, I have to share that Tuckernuck’s vintage ski shop launched yesterday. I bought a jacket a couple of years ago, and it’s so fun to whip out during ski trips. It was too freezing to wear it on the slopes this year (fabric technology has come a long way…), but I wore it around the house for fun. Everyone wanted one for themselves!

Okay, here’s what has been on my radar. There’s a lot, so I’ll try to keep everything short and sweet.

ONE // Lilly Pulitzer LBD

This isn’t your typical Lilly dress! I think with the right accessories it would serve your wardrobe well.

TWO // When Things Go Wrong on Ellen

Whenever I’m in a bad mood, I know I can instantly lift my spirits by watching a clip from Ellen. This blooper reel made me laugh so, so hard.

THREE // School Asks for Mentors, 600 Show Up!

A truly heartwarming story. A school asked for 60 male volunteers to stand in for a “Breakfast with Dad” day… but over 600 showed up. What I loved the most was how all of the men volunteers said that someone had done the same thing for them when they were kids. They knew, firsthand, what that mentor support means.

FOUR // Making Friends as an Adult

Making friends as an adult can be so hard. Cup of Jo rounded up some of the best reader comments with unique ways people had made friends as an adult. Great advice!

FIVE // Colorblocked Fleece

LL Bean is killing it right now with their fleece collection.

SIX // Public Speaking Lesson’s from Oprah’s Speech

Did you watch Oprah’s Golden Globes speech? I thought it was amazing. This is a great article with some public speaking pointers we can learn from her speech.

SEVEN // My Meditation Journey

I shared a little bit more about my meditation journey on my friend Grace’s blog earlier this week!

EIGHT // Hanson’s Mmmbop 20 Years Later

Loved it then, and love it even more now.

NINE // Fun Job Listings

Create and Cultivate just posted a bunch of job listings, and they all look like great opportunities.

TEN // Behind the Scenes of The Greatest Showman

I watched The Greatest Showman last weekend. While some parts of the movie weren’t for me, the music was incredible. (And Zac Efron is never a bad idea.) I had tears rolling down my face watching the cast performing “This Is Me.” So incredibly moving.

ELEVEN // Cutest Stripe Dress

I’m on a strict “no clothes shopping January” right now, but if I wasn’t, I’d get this striped dress in a heartbeat!

TWELVE // Life Advice from Holly Butcher

Holly Butcher recently passed away from cancer at 27. Before she passed, she wrote a letter, and it’s since gone viral on Facebook, for a good reason. It’s a must-read.

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Jess Zimilch

I have a good feeling about this year, too! Something just feels different and I’m excited to watch it unfold. I LOVED the story about the mentors. It’s a good reminder that donating our time can do so much good. I hope you enjoy the weekend ahead!


Thank you for sharing the “making friends as an adult” post! I moved away from friends and family last year and have found that making friends as an adult can be challenging. I’ve networked a lot with work and that has helped me meet people within my community and industry.


Oh how I love binge watching Ellen sometimes! It’s so addictive how hilarious she is. SO definitely on the same page here!
#3 is such a lovely story – I always fall in love with heart warming stories like that. I just like the good old humanity that we can share with others.
#12 just broke my heart and I have no words… We definitely don’t appreciate what we have enough. I think I’m going to read her message at least once every week… Thank you for adding it to your post.

With kindness


Fun fact about the music from The Greatest Showman – the songwriters (Pasek and Paul) are the same people who wrote the music for Dear Evan Hansen!


Loved this week’s On My Radar post! The Stripe and A Cup of Jo are both new to me and I am so excited to have found them! Thank you!


Thank you for including your meditation journey. I’ve been thinking about it for months. Your post has motivated me to start and I’ve downloaded the Headspace app.

Erin Droese

Just wanted to say I love your “On My Radar” posts. I find some of the most random things through these that I end up loving and actually using or saving or going back to to read! Thanks!


thanks again for sharing your journey, carly! and omg… hanson!!! crying! It’s way better now. My sisters and I loved them growing up… the youngest one was so pretty! xx


I was so moved by Holly’s letter. Everything she said was so truthful. What stood out to me was her seeming peace. When my aunt was passing, she told the reverend….I’m ready, I just would have liked a little more time.
Now I have to watch Ellen bloopers!!!!!
Love your blog…following for years ✌️2018


My favorite posts…On My Radar!
Love the ski jacket…very 80s!
Sorry…but Oprah…I do not love.