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What a great week. It finally felt like a “normal” work week to me and there was a lot of good in every day. Some highlights: a double date in the city, a trip to the dog park without completely turning into a block of ice, and a workout every single day.

I have a lot on my personal plate right now so it feels good to focus on the good right now! Also, please enjoy this photo of Hamilton. Carter and I were shooting photos of shoes and kept curling up in her lap!


Bunch of stuff on my radar this week, buckle up! (Apparently, I found a lot of good videos this week.)

ONE // HQ Trivia Winner on Ellen

Have you guys been playing HQ Trivia? I was super into it in the beginning, but eventually, I deleted it. My mom actually won on Christmas!!! I can’t believe I missed it, but I imagine her reaction was similar to this woman’s. Love that Ellen had her on her show!

TWO // Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone’s W Magazine Screen Test

I love W Magazine’s Screen Test series on their Youtube channel. This one with Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence might just be my favorite. They’re so funny together!

THREE // Fox Hunt Pajamas

I would never spend $500 on a pair of pajamas. (Ever, like even if I won the lottery and became a billionaire, just nope.) Even still, I do have to point out that if I did, they would likely look like these!

FOUR // “You Are My Sunshine” Music Therapy

This brother/sister duo just about melted my heart. She’s so talented and clearly, her brother lights up when she plays and sings!

FIVE // Carpool Karaoke Proposal

Guys… I bawled during this proposal video. Watch at your own risk 😂

SIX // Modern Fertility

I was just telling a bunch of my friends about this service. It’s really simple and affordable fertility testing. I’m 28 and not planning on having kids in the next year or two, but I’m still curious about my fertility. It’s important to track from year to year. Since I’m not currently planning a family though, I don’t want to spend a ton of money going to a specialist. This service makes it so easy– you prick your finger, send off the blood sample, and get a comprehensive report. I got my results back earlier this month and it’s been a great jumping off point.

SEVEN // Saoirse Ronan on Ellen

Can you tell that I’m a big fan of Ellen? Saoirse was recently on her show promoting Ladybird (which I can’t wait to see!) and she played Who’d You Rather. Honestly, it’s hilarious how detailed and thoughtful she is with every one of her responses!!! Love her.

EIGHT // Novel Matchbook Set


NINE // Alpacas on the Loose

I relate to these alpacas on a spiritual level. I feel the same way when it’s warm enough to go outside, especially after being cooped up!

TEN // “Dear Viewer” by Elle Mills

I finished this blog post but had to come back in to add this video into the post. I recently shared Elle Mills’ Youtube channel on here and she just did an incredible video about struggling with her channel. It’s a must-watch, especially as a reminder that you never really know what someone is going through.

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Scarlet Woofter

Have you seen Ellen meeting the five year old geography expert. He can on her show two or three times and he is the cutest. I watch it whenever I need a good laugh.


Thank you for sharing the fertility test! I’m in the same boat…not ready to have kids yet but curious. I’ll have to check this out.

Happy Friday!


Can we please talk about Carter’s camera strap?! I must own it. Details please and thank you!