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One of those weeks where nothing quite went as planned. But to focus on some positives… I had incredible customer service from ADP (my payroll service) and UPS; I feel like great customer service needs to be praised so I’m all about taking surveys and sending the best possible feedback up the chain. I also got new sheets and I don’t know why, but new linens always makes me sleep better! My workout class has been so great recently. And, it was 55 degrees yesterday which meant a trip to the beach was a must.

Fresh Sugar Lips

A little gift from Fresh this week… the lip treatments are some of my favorites!

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Galaxy Clutch

I hope this starry trend continues! How fun is this galaxy clutch? Would be a unique touch for an LBD or just a statement piece with a basic going out outfit.

TWO // Mandy Moore Reacts to Her Best Movie Moments

This video with Mandy Moore is amazing. She nails some of these lines nearly dead on, all these years later. I was so happy to see a line from Saved! included. It was one of my favorite movies in high school, which I just found and rewatched on Amazon Prime. It’s even funnier than I remembered.

THREE // Bow Heels

Heels haven’t been my friend this year because of my hurt foot, ugh. But these bow heels couldn’t be cuter. It also comes in an ombre pink and a silver! Considering my foot pain though, I think these pink loafers might have to be mine instead.

FOUR // Mirai Nagasu Lands a Triple Axel at the Olympics

WOW!!!!! Watching figure skaters is mesmerizing. It’s truly incredible what they’re able to do. There’s so much power and athleticism and grace. Meanwhile, I can’t walk through my apartment without bumping into something and bruising my leg. Mirai Nagasu was the first American woman to land a triple axel at the Olympics. What. A. Feat.

FIVE // Lilly Pulitzer Launched Swimwear

I have been hoping that they’d launch another swimwear collection. Some of my favorite bathing suits over the years have been Lilly! The bandeau top is definitely my favorite two-piece and this one-piece! (I have the bandeau top in one of their older prints and love it… as seen in this post from four years ago.)

SIX // Dakota Fanning is a Pro Stalker

I related to Dakota Fanning so much with her stalking skills!! I was laughing so hard and her laughing at her own stalking stories.

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Jess Zimlich

I couldn’t agree more about giving feedback when you experience great customer service! Most of the time they’re hearing about the awful experiences people have and it’s a little way to put some good into the world when something goes right and you share it with the company. Hope you have a great weekend, Carly! 🙂

Ali Koch

For some reason, you’ve always reminded me of Dakota Fanning! Random comment, but there ya go lol


One of my good friends sat at a table behind Dakota at a restaurant and texted me saying she thought she was me for a second because she sounded like me 😂


I also try to provide positive feedback and recognition when I have a good customer service experience! In my most recent role as an account manager, I worked closely with customer service professionals. It always made my day when we would receive positive feedback related to their performance as opposed to the typical negatives.


I used to work in customer service and it always made our day when we got compliments and praise as usually we hear the bad stuff. It’s nice you take the time to share the praise as not many people do that.

Lauren Young

Those JCrew heels in pink ombré are ADORABLE!! I have an ombré pink dress from Free People that I instantly thought of! It might be a little much to pair them…but could also be really fun. Have a great weekend Carly!