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Happy Friday, friends! Thought I’d share some highlights from this week:

– I found a vet for my dogs! Sounds so lame, but if you have pets you know how important quality care is. I had been putting this off for a bit and both dogs were coming up on due dates for revaccinations. On Wednesday night Ham broke one of his toenails. So. Much. Blood. He was totally fine but I knew I needed to get him to the vet to double check on it. Anyway, he’s fine and the dogs (and I) loved the vet so much much.

– I have a big partnership with Zyrtec this spring and I was invited to speak on a panel with them this week. It was pretty fun and all about beauty tips to combat “Allergy Face.” Even though I was on the panel, I picked up some great beauty tips myself and can’t wait to share them with you.

– WE GOT A NEW TV. It’s so cool. I was honestly half-losing my mind staring at my boyfriend’s giant tv… It was blocking a quarter of our window situation in the living room and I just couldn’t take it anymore. The new TV was the easiest pitch I ever did and it surpassed our expectations. I think I need to do a FULL blog post on this so stay tuned for it, but if you didn’t catch my Instagram Stories about it on Tuesday, swing by my profile– I saved it as a highlight. You won’t believe it. (A bunch of girls thought it was an early April’s Fool joke ha!)

– I started with a new personal trainer yesterday. We only did an introductory session and I already know I’m going to be in for it!! I definitely can tell the benefit though– even from just one time– it’s so nice having all eyes on you to make sure you’re doing moves correctly. She’d tap my different muscles to make sure that’s the particular one engaged and I could tweak what I was doing to perfect it. Very happy and very excited about this.

Navy Sconces

ONE // Gingham Dress

In a moment of weakness, I ordered this dress. It hasn’t arrived yet and I have a feeling I might not like the cut of the front of it… but we’ll see. I saw it and loved the length, the color, and (of course) the print.

TWO // Page Anchor

So I’m not the biggest fan of Kickstarter campaigns. This product though has totally caught my eye! At first I thought it was just a bookmark and I’d love it for simply that. But it’s not! It’s a cute little anchor to hold your book open. Brilliant and beautiful.

THREE // J. Crew x Rowing Blazers

Remember my friend Jack’s book Rowing Blazers? He has since launched a clothing line called Rowing Blazers and just did a collaboration with J. Crew. Pretty awesome.

FOUR // Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Cheetos 

I’m obsessed with Bon Appetit’s Youtube channel. Claire is my favorite chef on there because she’s so scientific and persistent. I think I’d give up after try number two, but she just keeps going and going until she nails it. Watching her make gourmet Cheetos was fascinating!

FIVE // Raffia Smoking Mule

How beautiful are these raffia mules?! Perfect for warm weather adventures.

SIX // Angèle on Instagram

Julia sent me a link to this girl’s Instagram account. OMG, so cute and so talented. If you need some Friday entertainment at work today, here you go!

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Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

I haven’t used a TV in so long! I have everything I need on my laptop 😉 (This reminds me of a Tumblr text post that goes something like: *”I never watch TV!” says a proud teen who spends 90184011914 hours streaming shows on their laptop.*) // Yes to personal trainers! I swam competitively middle school through freshman year of college, and I really don’t know what I would have done without my personal coaches. I don’t think I can ever go back from that individual attention! // Aw the page anchor is so cute. I probably don’t need something to hold my book open whilst I’m reading, because I’d have to readjust the anchor frequently as I flipped through pages, but it’d be the perfect tool (and aesthetic prop) to hold a book open for a bookstagram 😉 // I’m eating Cheetos rn lol // Wishing you a great weekend ahead! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


This is how I know I’m tired: when I read “raffia smoking mule” I thought the link would take me to a video of an actual mule (like, the animal) somehow smoking some raffia! Going to go drink some more coffee now…

Gallantly, gal

OMG I know the importance of finding a good vet. I’ve been stressing out about this so much the last week I even wrote a whole blog post on it (on another blog, not the one linked). It’s been so heavily on my mind, I feel ya 100%.
Also the funny thing with TVs is how huge it looks when you first get it, then gradually it looks normal-sized or even small cause you get used to it xD


The dress looks gorgeous on you. I know it was too big but you looked stunning! The details..bow in the front, size of the gingham pattern and the refreshing color of springtime green. Just perfect!

Anna Roberts

Would you happen to have a direct link for the rugby shirt or know when it’s being released? I NEED to get this for my dad for Christmas, who was also my rugby coach throughout high school! (But I can’t seem to find where to order it online)